So, after much reflection, here is my top 5 sets/nights of 2012. Well, in fact it’s a top seven because these all stood out from the rest for me.

7. Menno de Jong @ FAKE Club (18-5-12) – I went along excited to see Dennis Sheperd, but Menno blew me away. Brilliant set in an underated venue.

6. Nitrous Oxide and Matt Bowdidge @ Trance Sanctuary (1-9-12) – first time I’ve been able to go to a Trance Sanctuary, and in addition to seeing a great set downstairs by Messy A (Alex Hancock), upstairs we had a wonderful trance journey with great friends.

5. Jaytech @ Chinese Laundry (15-9-12) – Jimbo’s second Laundry set of the year, but the first since the release of Multiverse. This set was so beautifully melodic and the perfect blend of house and trance – not at all “trousey”.

4. Lange @ Genesis, AND (13-10-12) – I’ve long been a fan of Lange and so often when you expect so much, you come away slightly disappointed. But not this time. Wonderful set and a great vibe in a nice new nightclub (shame about the location).

3. Aly & Fila @ Home (30-11-12) – Fadi never disappoints but this night was something else. Originally down to play 90 minutes, the set was officially extended to two hours, but he kept on delivering his magic for three and a quarter hours. I didn’t want it to end, and I don’t think he did either. Really looking forward to seeing him on a boat party in Miami in March!

2. John O’Callaghan @ Driftwood Subculture, Ibiza (7-8-12) – this was perfection from start to finish; a small group of trance lovers including a substantial part of the Sydney Trance Family on a boat in San Antonio harbour, two great warm-up sets from Paul Webster and Sneijder, a great sunset and the Irish maestro on peak form. Never to be forgotten.

1. Jorn van Deynhoven @ Nevermind (7-7-12) – the night after a big Digital Therapy and, if we hadn’t already bought advance tickets, I seriously doubt we’d have bothered to schlep over to Oxford Street for an afternoon trance event. But we had, so we did, getting in just in time (2.30pm) for the start of JvD’s three hour set. Such a shame that only a few of us were there, because van Deynhoven was sensational and played for well over five hours before he finally gave way. In any other year, the JOC set on the Driftwood boat would have been an easy number one, but Jorn van Deynhoven was comfortably even better. OMFG.

No photos from JvD, so here’s one from the Subculture Driftwood boat party.