It was a great year for trance music.  That is, if you ignore all the rubbish poured out under the trance banner that isn’t really trance at all – call it trouse if you will.

But it’s not so easy to pick out great artist albums in any year.  So often you find that a great DJ producer gets it wrong when trying to create an album, as opposed to great tracks.  I guess that’s why compilations are so popular and often a better bet than albums composed purely of work by one artist.

Rather than diss the artist albums that really disappointed me (and two very big names come to mind), I’m going to pick out three that I really like and think will pass the test of time.  One of them isn’t really trance in fact, although it’s not that far away, really.  And these are in no particular order.

Andy Moor – Zero Point One.  This is just gorgeous.  Wonderfully lavish production, great melodies and solid beats.  Brilliant from beginning to end.  Hard to pick out the best tunes because they are all so good. But Orbithing (with Orkidea), Trespass (with Sue McLaren) and K Ta are probably the three that I would select if forced.  If you haven’t got this album, whyever not?

Jaytech – Multiverse.  Of course I’m biased.  My friends all know that I have been a fan of Jimbo’s for several years and that he DJ’d our wedding.  But even as a confirmed trance-head, I have always really enjoyed his style of deep, melodic progressive house.  His DJ sets are always so engaging and damn danceable.  This is his second artist album and shows him adapting his style to the kind of crowds he tends to play for these days.  But it’s just magic. No more, no less.  Every time I listen, I like it more.

Solarstone – Pure.  What can I say?  Everything that comes with the Solarstone label attached is just awesome.  And there’s been a lot on the Pure Trance front this year.  This album is soooo good.  The collaborations with Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani are pure trance gold.  I’m still not over the fact that his 2011 gig in Sydney was cruelly cut short by a stabbing in the club, just as I was thinking it was going to be the best set I’d ever danced to.  Watch out for the Pure Trance label on anything you can, from album, to podcast, or club night.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if Rich brings out a Pure Trance tour to Australia in 2013.  With Orkidea, please!