So today we had the first of maybe four yacht parties in four days. Although to call the Musette a yacht is stretching the point – it’s a boat built for parties, like you might find on Sydney harbour or the River Thames in London.

The usual boarding shenanigans took ages, as it always does with these events. Somewhat heavy security searches added to the delays.

Once the boat had pulled clear of the bayfront, the volume was pumped up and at 3pm, Cosmic Gate took over from the local DJs. They played exactly the kind of set you’d expect from them and it was pretty similar to their recent set in Sydney, which I wrote about below.

But the set was interrupted by a series of power failures that lasted half an hour or so, and for me this killed the vibe of the afternoon. It probably didn’t have the same effect for everyone, as the level of enthuiasm amongst the audience was very high right until the end, when they dropped Exploration Of Space, before giving way to Ben Gold.

I didn’t enjoy Ben Gold’s set. It felt much like the one he played recently at the Metro in Sydney. Too many W&W remixes (Cosmic Gate were also guilty of this) and cheesey Above & Beyond tunes. I will try and avoid him in future, I think.

Perhaps it was the contrast with last night, or just a bit of tiredness, but my assessment of today’s party was “below average”. I’m optimistic that tomorrow’s white party with John O’Callaghan will be much better.