Oh what an amazing night it was at Dream nightclub for Global Connection! Has there ever been two such incredible sets in the same night as we enjoyed last night? If so, I don’t remember it.

Of course, Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani are two of my very favourite DJs. But this made my expectations of the night sky high … and so often this leads to a slight disappointment when the DJs play well but don’t reach the heights you know they can. I’m happy to say that this was not the case on this occasion.

We arrived in good time for Sied van Riel‘s warm up. Sied played a really good warm up, getting everyone in the groove while also allowing people to catch up and chat before the serious dancing begins. At 1am, Aly & Fila – or rather, Fadi, took over from Sied and it didn’t take him long to up the pace.

He started with Perfect Love, and it wasn’t long before he dropped a new (to me) remix of We Control The Sunlight. Fadi peppered his sets with fantastic tunes – Simulated, I Don’t Deserve You, Satellite, Fireisland, Born Slippy, Rosaires, Why?, Strange World, Circa Forever… one classic tune after another. Such a great set … the only consolation when he finished, with Sneijder’s remix of Fall With Me, was that he was handing over to Giuseppe Ottaviani.

Giuseppe started his set with Lost For Words, with the vocals sung live by Amba Shepherd. And he continued in trademark style, mixing his own tunes with his own take on classics and playing the keyboard live over the top. And when he dropped No More Alone, who should rush to the dancefloor to join in the dancing mayhem, than Paul van Dyk himself?

Tiesto’s Adagio For Strings, PVD’s One More Time, Ottaviani’s collaboration with Solarstone – Falcons – were all highlights of the rest of the set, which he concluded with the mash-up of his collaboration with John O’Callaghan, Ride The Wave, and Armin van Buuren’s Burned With Desire.

It was such a sensational night – one of the very best I can remember. Two great DJs, on top of their form, in an intimate setting, amongst friends. It’s going to be hard for another day/night here in Miami to top this one.