We returned to the scene of yesterday’s crime boat party, this time for a white-themed event, with Bobina, Myon & Shane54 and John O’Callaghan. I had been looking forward to this for months, having enjoyed the Driftwood Subculture boat party in Ibiza so much.

As is usual for boat parties, we left late and this was to lead to the sour end to the day, when the boat’s captain refused to let John O’Callaghan play more than one hour. The promoters should have cut the local DJs from the bill, or at least shaved the time from everyone’s set – not just the headliner.

Bobina played a nice warm-up set and Myon & Shane54 played exactly what you expected them to do. They went down like a storm with most of the people on board. But they do nothing for me.

So, very late, John O’Callaghan took to the decks, after I practically had to beg Shane54 to stop. And although it was a short set, it was superb and we had such a great time dancing to I’ll Listen, I Don’t Deserve You, Strange World, Found A Way (no doubt as a tribute to Jon O’Bir who announced his retirement from DJing and production today), Out Of Nowhere, As The Rush Comes, Concrete Angel, Who Will Find Me, Born Slippy, Synaethesia and apart from an aborted attempt to carry on after the captain called a halt, with Find Yourself, that was it.

It had been a fantastic set, great tunes, infused with John O’Callaghan’s trademark Subculture style. Best to remember it for that, than for the lousy way the afternoon ended. The promoters have to be held responsible. Starting late never means you can finish late on a boat.