Today was our fourth consecutive day upon the good ship Musette. A much more chilled affair than the last three, and in glorious sunshine too. On the bill were Jeremy Olander, Pierce Fulton, KhoMha and our good buddy, Jaytech.

We feared that festival traffic might make it difficult to get downtown, but these fears were groundless and we arrived with acres of time to spare. Sitting on the grass in the shade, we soon realised that there was going to be a lot of space to dance. The crowd was less than a quarter of the three previous, sold out, yacht trips we’d taken.

It did at least mean we got away on schedule. The local DJ soon gave way to Jeremy Olander who played a deep and funky set that got everyone in the mood. He should perhaps have played before Pierce Fulton, who never really got people going, but he had a flight to New York to catch, I gathered.

After Olander was dropped off at the bay front, Jaytech took over behind the desk and span a lovely set in his inimitable style, including what were apparently some new tunes of his. The climax of his set was Stranger (Kyau & Albert remix). It was great to have the space to dance as we felt and not be fighting for space. We really enjoyed the set and the different vibe he delivered to a night at the Chinese Laundry.

We caught about half of KhoMha’s set but it was really good and we were frustrated when it had to end as the boat was back at the quayside. He is coming to Australia very very soon and I think everyone who can should grab the chance to see him in action.

We’ve skipped day two of Ultra – a combination of the strain of this city in this week and the need to be ready for Pure Trance tonight. So no report from me on that score. The Sol Republic bus trip back to South Beach this evening was probably more remarkable than last nights, but without the lasers!