Ever since Solarstone‘s set in Sydney eighteen months ago was cut short after just one hour, I have been madly keen to see him again. And in the time since, he has released Pure and launched his Pure Trance project, to bring his brand of real trance to the world. So I was delighted that we were able to catch Pure Trance Miami.

Club Souz was probably not the best choice of venue. Nicely intimate, but the bar was overpriced and the sound system left a lot to be desired. Reverberating bass, muddy middles and insufficient treble – a combination that is poorly suited to trance. The ventilation was poor and there was effectively no seating unless you paid for VIP.

We arrived part way through Kristina Sky‘s set. Hers is not a name I’d come across before, but I’d definitely be happy to see her again. A very good choice of warm-up for the main act, Solarstone.

For nearly two hours we were treated to some pure trance magic. The set comprised mostly his own tunes (productions or remixes): Unity (Solarstone’s Pure Remix), Voyager, Jump The Next Train, Falcons, Fireisland, The Spell, Seven Cities, Jewel, scattered with a few great tracks that fit the Pure style – Sail On The Waves, Southern Sun (Orkidea’s tribute remix), We Can’t Fly, Perpetual Motion.

Despite the poor sound, I was loving it and didn’t want it to end, but eventually it did and Giuseppe Ottaviani took over. Of course, we’d seen Giuseppe only three days earlier – at Global Connection at Dream. I was interested to see how he might adapt his set to only very slightly different circumstances. This time around Amba Shepherd was not there to sing live vocals on Lost For Words, so instead of opening with it, he used it to close out his set. Before that we were treated to a great set that started similarly to Tuesday night, but evolved in a different direction. I preferred Tuesday night’s set, but I think that is probably more down to the better sound at Dream than to do with the set itself.

Around half past three, John 00 Fleming came to the DJ console and proceeded to deliver a banging set of driving trance and psy-trance. I’m not very familiar with the tunes he plays, so I can’t ID any of the tracks, but while I was pretty weary by now and half-expecting that my legs would give up on me at any moment, I was really enjoying myself and in the end it was hard to pull ourselves away.

I’d love to have another chance to experience Pure Trance, Solarstone-style. With luck, maybe he’ll bring it to Australia sometime soon? I couldn’t recommend it more highly!