Another weekend, another trance party. This time we went to the Burdekin’s Viper Room for Transience’s Gatecrasher-themed event. So it was to be musical nostalgia, rather than new sounds that would be entertaining us – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

We arrived as DJ Tonto was spinning. It was fairly quiet at this point, but the numbers steadily built up. With a rival party downstairs and many people dividing their time between the two, the numbers in the Viper Room fluctuated all night. At times it felt reasonably busy, at others quite empty, like things were drawing to a close – yet the numbers would increase again and revive the flagging atmosphere.

Tonto played a set full of Gatecrasher era classics: 4 Strings – Into The Night, The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia, Delirium – Silence (DJ Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix), Oceanlab – Clear Blue Water, Veracoccha – Carte Blanche, Matt Darey – Liberation (Fly Like An Angel). Lots of great tunes to make up for the relative lack of dancers at that early stage of the night.

After Tonto, it was the turn of Pato de Gomah, who appeared not to have read the script. His set was nothing like the Gatecrasher that I remember. Shogun – Skyfire is little more than two years old and whatever you might think of it as a tune, it really doesn’t come from the Gatecrasher mould, let alone era. Even Pato’s finale, Binary Finary – 1998, was in a remix that didn’t fit the theme.

Pato handed over the reins to Scotty G and we were soon back on track with tunes like Ferry Corsten – Beautiful, Push – Strange World, Paul van Dyk – For An Angel, Delirium – Silence (DJ Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix), Energy 52 – Café del Mar, Sean Tyas – Lift, John O’Callaghan – Big Sky. The high classic content of Scotty’s set kept up the energy levels and kept us dancing throughout.

To close the night, Man Lie – who I know mainly for his magic with lights and lasers – came on and started with a mash-up of Art Of Trance – Madagascar and Madonna – Music. It was unusual, but effective – and, I gather, his very own creation. Man also played Energy 52 – Café del Mar and was putting together a really good set, but the lure of the 2:50am night bus home was too great and we succumbed to its attraction. I’d really like to have another chance to hear Man play.

Overall, I think that Transience can count the night as a success. We had fun with all the nostalgia and, while it won’t go down as an unforgettable night, we were certainly glad we went.