After such a great night at the last Digital Therapy, expectations were naturally high for the latest instalment – at my favourite Sydney nightspot, the Civic Underground. I’ve written before about why I like it so much, but basically it has all the ingredients – an intimate space, good layout, friendly staff and an awesome sound system. This was Digital Therapy’s first time here and hopefully they will be back for more.

The theme for the night was flouro and a large proportion of the clubbers present had entered into the spirit, so the venue was awash with yellow and pink and colours that lit up under the UV lights. And to accompany the fun was a soundtrack provided by an all-female DJ line-up. Was this just a gimmick, or a genuine opportunity for some talented DJs to show that they can do just as good a job of spinning and mixing the tunes as the men can? For me it was definitely the latter and I’m sure everyone else at the Civic agreed, such was the great vibe going down.

We didn’t get there in time to catch the opening set, from DJ Luffafly but everyone I spoke to said she had played a great opening set. DJ Bex Meli and Shalyn were delivering a back-to-back set combined with bongo drums and the dance floor was already buzzing, while we greeted friends and settled in.

Next up was Alison Spong from Melbourne, who took things to the next level with a great set that drew me away from the bar area onto the dance floor. She handed over to T-Bird – the only one of the night’s DJs who I have seen play before. So I wasn’t surprised that I really enjoyed the tunes she played for us – after warming up for 7 Skies at last month’s Digital Therapy, she was revelling in the limelight this time-slot gave her.

Brisbane’s Dakova Dae came next and she played a gloriously Coldharbour-inspired set that was right up my street. I’m usually a fan of the uplifting 138+BPM style of trance, but I’m also a sucker for the darker style that Markus Schulz has evolved, and Dakova Dae was giving us precisely that. We couldn’t stay for the whole of Cat Machin‘s set and I probably enjoyed it less than the three previous sets, although the night was still going strong when we rushed off through the teeming rain to catch the night bus home. Unfortunately, that meant we also missed the whole of Miss Eloura‘s closing set.

Digital Therapy just goes from strength to strength. Never simply a copy of previous nights they’ve put on, I think it is this variety that makes it such a good event and why they have attracted such a loyal and growing following. I’ll probably miss the next DT, as it will be happening while I’m away in Europe. It’s a measure of how much fun Digital Therapy nights are that this will give me just a small twinge of regret (even though I’ll probably be in Ibiza or clubbing in London, so won’t really wish I was in Sydney!).