Our last night out in Sydney before our annual trip to Europe and a return to the Oxford Art Factory, which we visited recently for Trance Central 3 (see earlier blog). This time to dance to the sounds of Simon Patterson. I’ve seen Patterson a few times before, but only in the context of a music festival and normally with an early set time, which doesn’t really suit his style. And probably for that reason, he’s never really struck me before as someone to go out of my way to hear. But I was very keen to hear how he would sound, given a three-hour headline set in a club setting.

We arrived early, to catch Big J and Zac Slade‘s set. The club was fairly empty at this point and we spent time saying hello and catching up with friends … as usual at a Genesis party, there were lots of us there. Dejan and Simon Lovell were next, followed by Thomas Knight and Nick Arbor. Tommy and Nick played separate sets, rather than back-to-back as they normally do.

The local DJs warmed the place up really well and set the stage perfectly for the main act. And the club was steadily filling up. By the time that Simon Patterson started, it was packed and moving from one side of the room to the other wasn’t easy.

Patterson played from 1am till 4am, and now I can see what the fuss is all about. He plays a wonderful, heavily psy-influenced style of trance and built his set perfectly towards the last hour climax. The music was mostly unfamiliar to me, but that didn’t spoil the enjoyment one iota – I was captivated by the sounds and emotions and so was the entire room, it seemed.

After he’d finished, Krish Titan and Scotty G had the task of winding up the night and although we didn’t stay much longer, it was clear that plenty of people were still up for partying, such was the high that Simon Patterson had given everyone.

I’m not sure when I’ll next get a chance to see him, but if it’s a proper trance club-night, I will jump at the chance. I don’t think this style of music is at all suited to a mid-afternoon or early evening time-slot at a festival. But it’s hard to imagine enjoying a three hour set in the deep of the night in an intimate nightclub setting more than I did last night. What a great night – a massive vote of thanks to Simon Patterson, and to Genesis for putting on the event!