It was billed as a summer party and, unbelievably, the London weather delivered the heat and sunshine to fit the occasion! It was our second time at Trance Sanctuary, an event that is run by a very good friend of ours – who also DJs as Messy A – and friends of his. Since our last visit in September, it has moved from Raduno in Farringdon to a larger venue – Egg, near Kings Cross.

Trance Sanctuary is an afternoon into evening event, rather than a night-time trance party and we arrived in blistering heat, so much so that I nearly fainted. But after a quick sit-down and drink of water, I was fine and we greeted friends we hadn’t seen for ten months, explored the club and took advantage of the happy hour drinks.

Egg has two rooms, plus an outside courtyard. This was a perfect arrangement for the weather, but inside the air-conditioning struggled in vain to keep the temperature down. Fortunately we found a spot just under one of the air-conditioning vents, so we stayed cool enough to dance – but everyone was extremely grateful when free ice lollies were handed round!

The first set that we caught was from Mark Landragin (another of the event promoters) and he was playing some good tunes, such as Rank 1 vs. Jochen Miller – The Great Escape. He handed over to the first of the headliners, Bjorn Akesson. We didn’t think much to the first three or four tunes, very EDM-style trance (if indeed you could describe it as trance at all). So we decided to go and bask in the sunshine outside for a while. We returned for the end of Bjorn Akesson’s set and by then he was playing tunes much more to my liking, including the one he’s probably best known for – Painting Pyramids.

Next up was Jordan Suckley. He’s about to tour Australia, while we are away – so it was perfect for us that we could see him in London. I really loved his set – a truly uplifting trance journey. The tunes he dropped included his new remix of the classic by Binary Finary – 1998 and a wonderful remix of John O’Callaghan – Out Of Nowhere. The set was so beautifully constructed and delivered that it flew by and I almost forgot how ridiculously hot it was on the dance floor.

After Jordan Suckley, it was the turn of Matt Bowdidge. Matt’s a good friend of ours and also played at Trance Sanctuary the last time we were in London, last September, so they obviously rate him highly. It was another great set, delivered in style – uplifting and banging from the word go, right through to the end. Several tunes got a great reaction from the crowd, including his latest release, Still By Your Side, and his tune on last year’s Future Sound Of Egypt Vol 2 – No Room To Breathe.

After Matt’s set we needed a break from the heat and by now it had cooled down outside. But soon we were keen to head back in to catch the night’s last set, by North & Sanchez. At first I was rather unsure of it – I’m not a fan of Gareth Emery – Tokyo. But after a while the vibe became more uplifting trance and we only left right at the very end, while they were playing the classic by Vincent de Moor – Fly Away.

While I have to admit some bias, because of the involvement of my friends in this event, I must say that I absolutely love Trance Sanctuary. It was one of my highlights of last year and this year’s summer party was just fantastic too. A great venue (bar the inability of the air-conditioning to keep the temperature down), a brilliant line-up and lots of friends among a really nice crowd makes for a combination that’s hard to beat. It’s just a pity that we won’t be in London for their next party, with Arctic Moon and Bryan Kearney. But if you happen to be in London on September 14th – make sure you don’t miss it!