After the great night at Amnesia on Thursday, Judgement Friday was a huge come down, partially saved only by a very good, if brief, set from John O’Callaghan. Before he played, we had to endure three horrible hours of commercial electro garbage from Faruk Sabanci, Danny Howard and Judge Jules.

It was a bad sign that when we arrived, we heard REM – Losing My Religion and I wondered if I’d walked into the wrong club. Next up was Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon and my heart sank. Apparently this was Faruk Sabanci playing, but it could have been any old DJ playing in a crap bar anywhere in the world.

Danny Howard was no better and had an obsession with using the microphone. It’s bad enough when there’s an MC, but DJs and microphones are a bad mix. Judge Jules was actually better than he was in Sydney in February, but that’s not saying much. He dropped a remix of Armin van Buuren – This Is What It Feels Like that was so slowed down it was almost in reverse.

Eventually John O’Callaghan came to the DJ console and things could only get better. Except the sound system, which seemed to suddenly be muddied in the bass and flat in the mid ranges. And in just an hour he packed in a number of classics new and old, of his own and others. We heard a mash up of John O’Callaghan – Stresstest and iiO – Rapture, Aly & Fila – Mysteries Unfold, Tiesto – Flight 643, Marco V – False Light, Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet, John O’Callaghan – Find Yourself, Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar and John O’Callaghan – Big Sky.

Overall, it was not a great night. One great hour, but it had too much to make up for. I’ll be steering clear of anything with the Judgement brand on it in future.