And so to Privilege for A State Of Trance – our final party in Ibiza for 2013. With the line-up featuring W&W, I was keen to arrive at a time that minimised my exposure to them. So we got there around 2.30am, refreshed after the Driftwood boat and only having 30 minutes to wait before the number 1 DJ came to the stage.

The area near the stage at Privilege was chock-full of clubbers and the temperature was extremely high – this was compounded by the occasional use of flame-throwers as part of the production and we were easily close enough to smell the fuel. Thankfully the flames were followed by long blasts from the ice cannon, bringing the temperature down to a more tolerable level.

Armin van Buuren began his set with the kind of trouse rubbish that has put off so many of his former admirers. At this point it was only the visual spectacle that was giving me any real enjoyment, although I don’t hate this musical style as much as I do that of W&W. Inevitably he played his hit tune – This Is What It Feels Like, but other than that it was nicely melodic without the uplifting BPM that distinguishes the best trance.

I realised that I was enjoying it more and more and that in fact Armin was not afraid of 138 tonight. The beats accelerated and then to our true wonderment he started dropping classics. We got Super 8 & Tab – Elektra, Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence, Armin van Buuren – Communication, Alex M.O.R.P.H. – For The Love Of An Angel, Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar, Binary Finary – 1998 and several others. The last hour of Armin’s set was just brilliant, so uplifting and showing just why he became number 1 in the first place.

Unfortunately, after he drew the set to a close, he decided he had time for an encore playing of This Is What It Feels Like. The crowd loved it, even if I didn’t – and I really feel a DJ should never play the same tune twice in the same set.

After Armin’s set finished, it was over to Markus Schulz to bring the night to a close. And it didn’t take him long to settle in to a deep and dark mood, which was ideal for the time – 5-6.30am. Inevitably the crowds began to thin out a little and I was beginning to feel the effects of almost continuous partying for five days. But we were enjoying ourselves still and only left with 15 minutes to go, in order to beat the rush for taxis.

We had a great time at A State Of Trance, the combination of great production, fantastic sound and wonderful tunes carrying us through any tiredness we might otherwise have given in to. A perfect way to end our annual pilgrimage to the white isle.