After such a wonderful first day, I wondered whether it could get any better. But with a stunning Day 2 line-up and the official after party to come, I wasn’t unduly concerned. We planned to arrive earlier for Day 2, so that we could catch Agnelli & Nelson – but a mix-up over taxis meant that we only reached the beach in time for the start of M.I.K.E. Push‘s set on the Trance Classics stage (the day’s main stage). But it was still early and I felt that he was playing rather too progressively for my taste – certainly in the first half hour there wasn’t a hint of Universal Nation or Strange World. So we migrated towards the Flamingo stage for Menno de Jong.

We’d seen Menno in Miami and more recently at the Ministry Of Sound and we’re big fans of his. So hearing him play yet another great set was the ideal way to set up this second day of Luminosity for us. But once he finished, we headed straight back to the Trance Classics stage to see Steve Helstrip, aka The Thrillseekers. Opening with Delerium – Silence (Tiësto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix)he took us through a succession of cleverly chosen classics, perfectly mixed.

Chakra – Loves Shines Through, Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved (The Thrillseekers Remix), Ferry Corsten – Sweet Sorrow, DJ Tiësto – Flight 643, Solarstone – Solarcoaster and Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) were just a few of the great tunes he dropped. And showing such tremendous enthusiasm for his task, he really got the crowd going. With the sun making an unexpected appearance, this set was simply wonderful and unquestionably the best of the weekend so far.

The Thrillseekers finished in time for us to wander back to the Flamingos stage for one of my favourite DJs: Solarstone. It was a tough act to follow, but Solarstone played a great set, covering all the bases from his new Pure album, through classics like Orkidea – Unity and his own Solarcoaster and Seven Cities, closing with the New Parisians – Jump The Next Train, which had the whole arena bouncing and punching the air. It was another brilliant set and right up there with the Thrillseekers. The weekend was maintaining the amazing standard set from the very beginning at Escape nightclub for Future Sound Of Egypt 300. Trance heaven.

We’ve seen Alex M.O.R.P.H. a number of times and he’s always opened with the Star Wars theme – until now. In fact he really surprised me with his set, which was quite unlike anything I’d heard from him before. Clearly he was inspired by all the uplifting trance at this festival and he played a set fully in keeping with all we’d heard so far. I was delighted when he dropped Binary Finary – 1998 (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix), but it was just one of several great tunes, such as Veracocha – Carte Blanche, Armin van Buuren – Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) and Simon Patterson – The One. Some friends were saying it was the set of the festival so far – and although I wouldn’t go quite that far, it was definitely amongst the best.

Next up was Sean Tyas and I have to confess that I wasn’t excited about seeing him play. He’d not been good at the Judgement event in Sydney in February, nor in Ibiza when we saw him at Es Paradis in 2012. But today he was a revelation. Wonderful uplifting trance that completely changed my opinion of him. It was only a pity that we’d missed the early part of his set, partly to have a break and partly to see what was happening elsewhere. But I was happy in the knowledge that he was going to play one of the after party sets and I resolved not to miss a beat of that.

The day was now nearing its end, with the sun sinking in the sky over the sea. Just two more sets before it was time to head to the after party and two that I’d been eagerly anticipating. Firstly it was Jorn van Deynhoven. My friends have heard me time and again say how unbelievably wonderful his 5 1/2 hour set at Nevermind in Sydney in 2012 was. I won’t go into the details here, but it was a truly memorable set, the work of a real trance genius. Jorn had only just over one hour at Luminosity, so this set couldn’t be the tour de force that he’d given us at Nevermind, but it was not a disappointment. Photographer – Airport, RAM – RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix), Jorn van Deynhoven – Headliner were among the many great tunes he played as the sun set over the beach and it was dark by the time he finished with Daniel Kandi – Symphonica and handed over to Indecent Noise.

I only had the pleasure of hearing Indecent Noise play for the first time in February this year and this was only my second chance to catch him.  Of course I’ve heard loads of his sets that I’ve downloaded or streamed, thanks to the magic of the internet, but nothing ever compares to being there. I loved his set in Sydney (see earlier blog post) and he seemed like pretty much the perfect man to close the festival. And opening things up by dropping what must surely be the tune of the European summer, Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet, to start his set gave a clear message that he was not going to mess about. Sure enough, his set was the usual high-octane mix of uplifting tunes and the remixes for which he is so well known. Among many others, we heard Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Angry Man Remix), Commander Tom – Are Am Eye (John Askew Remix) and Matt Bowdidge – Still By Your Side. He also dropped several of his own tunes and it all combined to make for a great set to finish the day.

It was hard to believe it was all over. Two wonderful days of great music, in a great setting, with friends old and new from all over the world. Quite simply it was the best festival I’ve ever been to and providing it doesn’t get switched back to June, or another date that falls when we’re still in Australia, we will definitely be back for next year. Saying farewell to the beach, we headed off in search of the free shuttle bus to the after-party at Westerunie nightclub.

An hour later and more friendships made on the bus, we were at Westerunie just on the stroke of midnight. The first surprise was that Solarstone was not playing solo, but had been joined for a back-to-back set by Daniel Kandi. This wasn’t a partnership that I would have expected, but they were having a lot of fun and it seemed to work fine. Some of the tunes that hadn’t made the cut for Solarstone’s set at the festival made it into this set and the addition of some Daniel Kandi tunes and remixes made a really enjoyable hour – and probably exactly right for the after party.

At 1am, Sean Tyas took over and carried on pretty much exactly where he left off at the beach three and a half hours earlier. About ten minutes into the set he dropped Sean Tyas – Lift and from there on it was just a sublime, uplifting set. My conversion to being a fan of his was complete. Let’s hope it marks a permanent shift away from the style we heard from him on the previous couple of occasions we saw him play.

Flutlicht was due on next, but he’d clearly agreed a swap with Bryan Kearney. This was the first time I’d seen a Bryan Kearney set and he was really good, playing at a very high BPM, yet keeping the tunes audible above the beats. Unfortunately he had some major technical issues about 15 minutes into the set, but he managed to recover his poise and keep the dancers going right through till 3am and his handover to Flutlicht. We’d missed Flutlicht at the festival and I have to confess to knowing next to nothing about him. And on this occasion, the tiredness was really kicking in and we decided to call it a day and walk back through the park to our hotel.

Finally exhausted by the most incredible three days of music and partying, but with a warm feeling inside, we relaxed over a glass of wine and reflected on how amazing Luminosity Beach Festival is. The last festival we’d been to was Ultra Music and the contrast could not be greater. From the mega-sized, massive production but oversold event in Miami, where the other festival goers were either a complete mess or on the edge of aggressive, to this intimate event, where everyone was friendly, into the same music and the vibe was awesome from beginning to end. Watch out Amsterdam, we’ll be back for more Luminosity in the future. Next time we might plan a longer stay and relax in the city afterwards and actually see some more of what Amsterdam has to offer!