Back at Home nightclub for the third Friday in succession, this time for a curiously under-promoted event, headlined by Manuel le Saux, from Italy, and Gareth Weston, from the UK. With the lack of publicity for this event and the reality that, despite having a strong following amongst European uplifting trance fans, Manuel le Saux is not a well-known name down under, I wasn’t expecting Home to be busy. In fact, it felt very empty and this meant that despite some fantastic music, the vibe never really took off and we were left wishing that this event had been held at somewhere like the Civic Underground or the Oxford Arts Factory, where I think it would have been a truly memorable night.

Local DJ Archie was on warm up duties and around midnight he gave way to Manuel le Saux. I loved his back-to-back set with Ferry Tayle at Luminosity Beach Festival last month, so I was really looking forward to hearing him again. And he didn’t disappoint, dropping a succession of great tunes: Paul van Dyk – I Don’t Deserve You, Solarstone – Seven Cities, Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight with Sarah Lynn – Silhouette, Paul van Dyk – Nothing But You, Rank 1 – Airwave and John O’Callaghan – Big Sky among them. It was a great set and a massive pity that the club was so empty.

Gareth Weston took over around 2.15am and continued the uplifting, 140 BPM style, dropping tunes like Betsie Larkin and Solarstone – Breathe You In, Jurgen Vries – The Theme and Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet. But with the club almost deserted, we decided to call it a night quite early, after so many big weekends in a row since we got back from London.

I am beginning to worry that Voodoo being a weekly trance night in a large nightclub is not going to serve the Sydney trance scene well. Too many nights calling on a limited supply of trance fans is bound to lead to nights like this, which would have been sensational in an intimate nightclub, but fell flat in a space the size of Home. I think it would be better if big Voodoo trance nights were held just once a month, or occasionally twice – and give up the other nights to house or other genres. And if there are DJs like Manuel le Saux or Gareth Weston in town, book them for a Saturday night at a more appropriate venue, or let other promoters put them on. I suppose that money and politics makes this unlikely to happen, which is a great shame.