This was another night where I wished for a smaller venue and the more intimate atmosphere it would provide. Too many Voodoo nights have not been busy enough to justify the scale of the club and this makes it very hard for the DJ to settle into their groove, however much those who are there are enjoying the music. Rather than go over this ground time and again, I’ll just say that Sydney doesn’t, in 2013,  have the demand for trance music to support big weekly events – DJs who could create something magical in the right venue, don’t really stand a chance in a large club if the promoters can’t fill the place.

Aaron Camz was the latest victim of this problem. Although I really enjoyed what he played – plenty of his own great tunes, mixed in with Coldharbour tracks from the likes of KhoMha, and a sprinkling of more commercial songs: Faithless – Insomnia and Kelly Charles’s old house classic, You’re No Good For Me – the lack of people on the dancefloor meant that the night never really got going in terms of atmosphere. I’m a big fan of Aaron’s Coldharbour-infused style of music and really hope that we can catch him again sometime soon in a venue more conducive to a great night.

After Aaron’s set, we didn’t hang around long, meaning that we missed Toby Matrix, who started with the classic, Gabriel & Dresden – Tracking Treasure Down.

I’m really looking forward to the next trance night in a smaller venue.