Back to Home nightclub last Friday, for a chance to catch Voodoo resident and Aussie trance DJ, MaRLo, who hails from Melbourne – although, as his real name (Hoogstraten) suggests, he was born in the Netherlands and thus has all the credentials anyone needs to play trance! I last heard him spinning back in April at the A Night Of Trance 10th Anniversary celebration, where I had been pleasantly surprised by what I heard. This time around, I felt sure that the music would be good, although more likely to have a more commercial spin on it than the purer trance sounds that Menno de Jong gave us a fortnight earlier.

The weather was dreadful, so I jumped at the chance of a lift into the city, even though it meant that I was there very early on. But that gave me a chance to hear I Am Sam for the first time. There’s no argument that opening a night club, with the few early arrivals mostly clustered around the bar, isn’t an easy task – but I Am Sam gently warmed everyone up as the room steadily filled and I thought he did a very good job of it. Thomas Knight took over and, dropping tunes such as Mat Zo & Arty – Rebound, he brought the energy level higher, as the clubbers arrived in bigger numbers.

The production at Home is now first-class – definitely ahead of anything I’ve seen anywhere else in Sydney – with the lights, lasers and LED screens helping build a great atmosphere on the dance-floor. And although there are one or two areas where the acoustics muddy the sound, for the most part the sound is pretty good. With an efficient bar, it all adds up to a great night.

Nick Arbor was up next and he kept things moving nicely, with tunes in keeping with the night’s musical feel … Dash Berlin – Waiting, Armin van Buuren – This Is What It Feels Like, Porter Robinson – Language. Despite the torrential rain, which I had feared would keep people home, staying warm and dry, the dance floor was now pretty busy and the vibe was building towards the entrance of the night’s headliner. But before he came on, I decided to take a quick look into the other rooms, where I found DeJan playing Tiësto – Love Comes Again.

Now it was time to get back into the main room and I watched the start of MaRLo‘s set from the balcony. Curiously, he opened with Tiësto – Love Comes Again. I’m not sure when I last heard that played in a club, and yet here it was being aired almost simultaneously in two rooms. Struck by the co-incidence, I nevertheless thought it was a pretty good way for MaRLo to start things off and the dancers below certainly seemed to agree. He played a good set that was thoroughly enjoyed by all on the dancefloor, combining his own tunes like The Island and Boom with this year’s unavoidable tune, Armin van Buuren – This Is What It Feels Like and a sprinkling of classics, like John O’Callaghan – Big Sky and Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes.

Another quick tour around the side rooms gave me a chance to hear Tonto playing back to back with Big J … Tiësto – Lethal Industry coming from the speakers. Next a chat with a few friends in the room adjoining the smoking balcony, where Nathan Gray was playing. And then it was back to the main room, until it was time to grab the lift home that was on offer at the end of a thoroughly enjoyable night.


Thanks to Luke Davids Photography for the photo!