The weekend after Stereosonic brought the annual Stereosonic trance sideshow to Sydney’s Home nightclub. After the great music we heard at the Full On Ferry and Kabuki stages at Stereosonic, we were ready to do it all again, this time in the setting I always prefer to festivals … a nightclub. On the line up were Andrew Rayel and Giuseppe Ottaviani, so it was to be a mix of styles to keep all Sydney’s trance lovers happy.

We arrived around 11.30 and the first thing that greeted us was a long line of people waiting to get in. As long as the queue moves quickly, this is a good sign as it means the club will be busy and sure enough, by the time we got in, it was heaving. But we knew where our friends would most likely be – in the spot we all seem to have chosen as the right place to be – and sure enough, despite the packed room, it wasn’t difficult tracking them down.

Giuseppe Ottaviani
took over from Thomas Knight at 12.30 and proceeded to wow the dancefloor with a fantastic selection of tunes, overlaid with live keyboards. The set definitely had a more commercial edge to it than his set at Stereosonic, but this was astute of him, because, the weekend before, he was playing largely to trance purists, as the less committed headed off to the main stage to get a good position for Armin van Buuren.

We heard Oceanlab – Satellite, Giuseppe Ottaviani with Betsie Larkin – Toys, Giuseppe Ottaviani – Angel, Aly & Fila with Giuseppe Ottaviani – Brilliant People, Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes, Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Amba Shepherd – Lost For Words, Solarstone & Giuseppe Ottaviani – Falcons, Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten – Magenta. And as a real crowd-pleaser he dropped his remix of Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like. Those who know me will know that I’m not a huge fan of this tune – but this is undoubtedly the best remix of it. Following that was his remix (surely the definitive one) of Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You and he just had time to close with Giuseppe Ottaviani – Love Will Bring It All Around.

Complementing the sounds were the ever more impressive production that is happening at Voodoo. Not only a great lights and lasers show, but this night saw the addition of confetti canons and even ice canons. If not quite on the epic scale of the canon at Amnesia, it certainly helped give the night a special feel. Voodoo is certainly pushing the production side of its nights and this is to be welcomed as a club of this size provides the opportunity to make a big visual impact to go with the aural side of things.

After Giuseppe, it was time for Andrew Rayel to take over. I’d enjoyed his set at Stereosonic more than I’d expected and although we were now hearing an unashamedly commercial trance sound, it was only the fact that I’m much more of a fan of Ottaviani’s style that meant it was a slight comedown for me. He played his hit tune with Jano – How Do I Know? as well as his reworking of Faithless – Insomnia, a mash up of One Republic – If I Lose Myself with MaRLo – Boom, Alex M.O.R.P.H. – For The Love Of An Angel, Omnia & Ira – The Fusion … all of this and more had the crowd bouncing around on the dance floor.

It was another great night – there’s no doubt than when Voodoo pulls in the crowds, there’s a real buzz about Home nightclub. Let’s look forward to more nights like this in 2014.

Many thanks to Luke Davids Photography for the photos.