A week later than originally scheduled, this was the night that Voodoo hosted the one and only Paul van Dyk. It’s been more than five years since PVD played a nightclub in Sydney – his only set since November 2008 being his rather lacklustre appearance at Future Music Festival 2012. Apart from that disappointing occasion, and Ultra in Miami last year, I’ve only ever seen him play in the cathedral of trance – the main room at Amnesia. And he’s always been fantastic, so I was very excited about seeing him at Home, especially with the sound and production improvements that have occurred recently.

First the Voodoo crowd had a two hour set from ATB. A name from the old days of trance when he had a smash hit with 9pm Till I Come, he was not a DJ I’d seen before and with no recent tunes that I’d heard, I didn’t really know what to expect.

It has to be said that the busy crowd really enjoyed his set, with lots of hands in the air, some singing along and a really buzzing atmosphere. But it didn’t really do anything for me and I was puzzled by his repeated use of the microphone to do some MC’ing or even karaoke-style singing to the tracks he played. I didn’t recognise much of the music, which was not at all trancey, even when he dropped a remix of Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes. And I managed to be in another room upstairs on the terrace when he dropped 9pm Till I Come. Being brutally honest, this was not my thing at all, so I was very happy when it came time for PVD to take over at 2am.

Paul van Dyk and ATB have a longstanding dislike of each other and PVD has in the past apparently refused to play on the same night as ATB. So credit to Genesis/Voodoo for the way they handled the handover so smoothly. Although there was, sadly, no truth in the rumour that Markus Schulz, who was watching from the wings, would play a few tunes in between them to ensure they were kept apart!

Paul van Dyk‘s equipment was swung into place and the legend took to the decks to a huge roar of welcome. In addition to the CDJs, he uses laptops and keyboards to create the sounds that just got better and better as the night progressed. He often dropped little hints of his big tunes, like Time Of Our Lives, mixed into his set at key points to tantalise us before dropping some big vocal tracks, to have everyone singing along to tunes like Giuseppe Ottaviani with Eric Lumiere – Love Will Bring It All Around.

There was room for classics like Paul van Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid – Home and the legendary Paul van Dyk – For An Angel as well as Binary Finary – 1998 and Robert Miles – Children. All of these were received rapturously on the dance floor.

With the lights, lasers, confetti and ice canons and PVD playing this well, it almost felt like a little bit of Amnesia had come to Home. It was a really amazing feeling and definitely one of the best nights at Voodoo, leaving everyone wanting more, long after the bar shut. PVD eventually finished up around 4:30am and we were just able to dash off for the last bus home.


Thanks once again to Luke Davids Photography for the great photos!