Back in the day, so I am told, the Sydney trance scene, in fact the whole Sydney clubbing scene, was all about Sublime. By the time I arrived in Sydney at the tail end of 2008, the magic had disappeared from weekly “Subbies” nights, although the brand limped on for a few more years until the Genesis team revived trance at Home nightclub under the Voodoo label and Sublime became an occasional nostalgic trip back in time. This was my first visit to a Sublime Rewind night and what a great night it turned out to be!

From the moment we walked into the club when we heard the strains of Whiteroom – Whiteroom coming down the corridor from the main room, to the time we left around 3.45am, with the place still busy, there was a fantastic buzz throughout the many rooms of Home. The main Voodoo room was the one we spent most time in, as the music was the best fit for our tastes. But there was lots of fun happening in every room on all floors as Sydney’s old school fans turned out in force to relive the early 2000s.

It was classics all the way … Tiësto – Traffic, Ernesto vs. Bastian – Dark Side Of The Moon, Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire, Robert Miles – Children, Darude – Sandstorm, Tiësto – Adagio For Strings, Binary Finary – 1998, Delerium feat. Sarah Maclachlan – Silence, Jurgen Vries – The Theme, Ferry Corsten – Punk, Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 … you get the general idea. 

It was good to spend time in other parts of the club too – not just our favourite spot downstairs. The balcony provides a great spot to watch it all happening on the dancefloor and the various terrace rooms provide a little breathing space (when they aren’t filled with smoke, of course).

Props to the main room DJs we heard – Jumping Jack, Bexta, Pee Wee, Nervous and Archie, all of whom played awesome sets. I think my favourite was Nervous, but that’s not really the point. It was great throughout the night and throughout the club, with an awesome vibe. Sublime must really have been something special ten years ago.