It was four months since our last visit to Home nightclub, largely caused by our long trip to Europe. Back in May we had enjoyed Super8 & Tab’s set and tonight it was going to be fellow Anjunabeats artist, Jaytech. We’ve seen Jimbo many times over the years, as his music has evolved from the progressive house of tracks like Delta and Pepe’s Garden to the trancier sounds on his Multiverse album.

I read recently that he describes his style as “melodic house for the trance crowd” and this seems like the perfect description to me. It’s not trance, certainly, but it’s highly melodic in the way that good trance is – and because it isn’t filled with electro-style noises and over-exaggerated drops in the big room style that I dislike so much, it’s very enjoyable and danceable for people who like trance.

Not much seems to have changed at Home since our last visit; the sound is very good these days and the overall production is of a very high standard, without distracting too much from the music. It wasn’t the busiest night at Voodoo, but there were enough clubbers there to create a decent vibe.

As for the music, Jaytech did indeed play his melodic, Anjunabeats-style house; with tunes like Jaytech feat. Steve Smith – Stranger, Super8 & Tab with Jaytech – Code Red and Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – Your Secret’s Safe. It was a good night and a slight shame that there weren’t more people present to enjoy it.


Thanks to Doux Photography for the awesome photos.