Fancying a change from our usual fare of uplifting trance, we found ourselves on Saturday at Miind nightclub on Oxford Street for the latest event promoted by Sydney Trance. And what a brilliant night it was all round. We arrived around 11.30pm and had to dodge the lengthy queue to get in, waving our prepaid tickets at the friendly security guys on the door. Whether the people in the queue were ticketless or not, I have no idea, but it worked for us and we were inside soon, and found the club already fairly busy. Pato de Gomah was spinning the tunes, including Oceanlab – Satellite (Ilan Bluestone Remix), which he has an uncanny knack of playing just as I arrive, it seems.

But at midnight, things turned to psy and Galaktik took over. I’ll be completely honest and say that I don’t know very much about psy-trance but this music was really good, with the insistent, driving beats drawing us onto the by-now-packed dance floor. And the sound was really good too. Miind is the latest incarnation of this venue near Taylor Square and the new people behind it have spent a few dollars on installing a fantastic sound system. I’ve always said that the Civic Underground has the best sound system in Sydney, but on tonight’s evidence, it has been surpassed by Miind. There’s good service at the bar too and, with the dance floor heaving, a really great vibe and atmosphere about the place. My only criticism was that the air-conditioning was struggling to cope with the numbers packed in – and this wasn’t a particularly hot night.

I really enjoyed Galaktik’s tunes – and as he’s a local DJ, I will keep an eye out to see when he might be playing again. At 1am he handed over to the night’s headliner, Coming Soon!!! Hailing from Israel, Coming Soon!!! is a duo, but only one of them, Dui Biton, was here tonight (Irad Brant was playing in Melbourne). And the great psy-trance tunes just kept coming. Coming Soon!!!’s style was definitely different to Galaktik’s – a lot choppier, with more breakdowns, vocal samples and changes of pace. But he was driving up the energy level in the club and the crowd was lapping it up.

After this night, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye open for more psy-trance nights in Sydney and will definitely look forward to returning to Miind, which is a really excellent club. We couldn’t stay late, but I gather that the fun kept going right past the 3am alcohol curfew and that has to be the sign of a great night! A big thank you to the Sydney Trance crew for putting on a really good night.


Thanks to Luke Davids Photography for the excellent photos!