Our first musical outing since seeing Aly & Fila at the Metro came with Friday’s visit to Home Nightclub for Voodoo with James Dymond and Ben Nicky. When we arrived, there was a queue to get in (happily a fast-moving one) and a packed dancefloor once we’d negotiated our way past security and down the corridor. To be honest, I hadn’t really expected such a busy night and it took some time to work our way through the crowd to find our friends in the usual spot. Nick Arbor and Thomas Knight were dropping some Armin van Buuren tunes while we chatted with some friends we’d not seen for a while (since we were in London in August, in fact).

The all round production quality at Voodoo really is very impressive these days. Gone are the days when I would complain about the sound – now they’ve really fixed this and have added top-notch visuals with the screen behind the DJ, lasers, confetti canons and CO2 guns. It makes for a spectacular event when combined with great music.

James Dymond took over from Nick and Thomas and I wondered whether the crowd might have been a bit too much into mainstream EDM to appreciate the style of music he plays. And I think it took him a little while to find his stride. But after what felt like a couple of uncertain changes of direction, the set flowed more smoothly as he settled into playing several of his own productions and any fears I had that the crowd wouldn’t like it melted away as the crowd’s enthusiasm built up more and more as the set progressed. By the end of his set, at 2.30am, we had heard some great music, including: James Dymond – Siren’s Song, Binary Finary – 1998 (James Dymond Remix), Jase Thirlwall vs. Motorcycle – As The Rush Freaks (John O’Callaghan mashup) itself mashed with Oakenfold – Adagio For Strings (Steve Haines Remix), Tiësto – Adagio For Strings (James Dymond Rework), Binary Finary and Lele Troniq feat. Christina Novelli – Waiting For The Sun (James Dymond Remix), Atlantis vs. Avatar feat. Miriam Stockley – Fiji (Dan Thompson Rework) and John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (Signum vs. RAM Remix).

Ben Nicky replaced James and immediately set about smashing the Guinness World Record for most tunes played in a single DJ set. It was a blistering whirlwind ride through mashup after mashup, or as he calls them, “Headf**ks”. I tried to keep up with my note-taking but failed miserably as he blazed his way through London Grammar – Hey Now, The Thrillseekers – Synaethesia, Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon, John Askew – Mechanism, Porter Robinson – Language, Liquid Soul – Have You Ever?, Three Drives – Greece 2000,  Tiësto – Lethal Industry and countless more. It was great fun and the crowd was definitely loving it. As someone said, it was a bit like listening to an Armin van Buuren Yearmix, where he squeezes 80 tunes into about 75 minutes – except that Ben Nicky was probably managing double that rate!

All in all it the night had been a lot of fun. There’s no doubt that Voodoo puts on great nights and if the music is to your taste, it’s hard not to have a really good time. We’ll certainly be back for more, hopefully very soon!


Many thanks to Doux Photography for permission to use the excellent photos.