Last year’s Genesis White, at North Sydney’s Greenwood Hotel had been a pretty good event, but this year there was a larger contingent of international DJs, a bigger venue – Luna Park’s Big Top – and high expectations generated by the success of the event in 2013 and the growing success in general of Voodoo and other Genesis-promoted events.

Arriving around 5.30pm, we caught the second part of Maor Levi‘s set. He was playing some deep and progressive house tunes and remixes, including one of Above & Beyond –  Liquid Love. Scoping out the layout of the venue, we caught a bit of 7 Skies in the other room, playing a heavily Anjunabeats-influenced set.

Back into the main room and Max Graham and Protoculture were playing a back to back set to a filling room, with tunes like Lost Tribe – Gamemaster, Above & Beyond – Sun In Your Eyes and Energy 52 – Café del Mar.

By now the room was busy and I was beginning to realise how good the production was. The sound was very good but the visual spectacle was sensational. Banks of searchlights and lasers played around the room and five huge screens created a brilliant backdrop to the music. This was as impressive as anything I’ve seen anywhere, with the possible sole exception of Privilege in Ibiza.

Back to the music and KhoMha was up next. I loved his set when he played at the Civic Underground last year but this time around I didn’t seem to get into it so much. Perhaps it was the early set time, perhaps it was his dropping of one of my bête noires, Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon, but even though the crowd was definitely enjoying it, we decided to head back and catch the end of 7 Skies‘ set, with more Anjuna tunes, like Oceanlab – On A Good Day and 7 Skies – Sushi.

Alex M.O.R.P.H.
had played at last year’s Genesis White and he was back again – this time playing a much better set than I felt he had in 2013. The large German with the trademark trucker’s cap was playing some great trance: for me, Aly & Fila – Laily (Photographer Remix), Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Sylvia Tosun – An Angel’s Love and Tiësto – Adagio For Strings were the highlights of his set. We spent a good part of this set upstairs at the back of the room, where you really could appreciate the visual aspects of the production to greatest effect.

And we saw something I’ve never seen before, when Alex M.O.R.P.H. took off his trucker’s cap, revealing what we long suspected – a bald head! Given the pedigree of bald heads among trance DJs, you have to ask why he bothers covering it up in the first place!

Another DJ playing last year’s Genesis White as well as this year’s was Andy Moor. I’m a big fan of his productions and I would have liked to have heard more of them. Oceanlab – Satellite (Ilan Bluestone Remix), 4 Strings – Take Me Away, Markus Schulz – Remember This and Markus Schulz feat. Liz Primo – Blown Away filled the room and we decided to check out what was happening in the other room. We’d missed Norin & Rad completely and found Protoculture behind the decks, dropping Oceanlab – Satellite (Ilan Bluestone Remix), one of a few tunes we heard more than once.

Back in the main room and time to hear what Beat Service was playing. I really enjoyed his set, which included tunes such as Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox – Touch Me (Beat Service Remix), Tiësto – Adagio For Strings, Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora – Waiting For The Night (Beat Service Remix) and Armin van Buuren – Save My Night. And at midnight it was time for the DJ I’d most looked forward to: Menno de Jong. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by the tall Dutchman, whether playing on a boat in Miami, an arena in Sydney or a small nightclub, he always delivers a fantastic set.

And this was no exception. The only regret was that he only had one hour to play – I’d have loved to have heard two or even three hours of his music. We heard Menno de Jong feat. Noire Lee – Creatures Of The Night (Adam Ellis Remix), Luke Bond feat. Roxanne Emery – On Fire (Aly & Fila Remix), John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (Signum vs. RAM Remix) and Marco V – Godd.

It was a fitting climax to a great day and an absolute triumph for the Genesis team. The production was out of this world and musically there was something for all trance fans to appreciate and enjoy. This was a big step up from the event last year and I think everyone was really impressed. What a challenge they face in making Genesis White 2015 even better!

Thanks to Genesis and their photographers, Luke Davids Photography and MY Media Sydney for the awesome photos.