Our first night out clubbing in 2015 took us to Home Nightclub for Friday’s Voodoo presentation of Christopher Lawrence’s Pharmacy Phase 4 tour. Lawrence lived in Australia for three years but it’s been a long time since he’s played in Sydney – not, as far as I know, since he played at Future Music Festival in 2009, supporting Markus Schulz’s three-hour set in the trance arena. Remember when there were three-hour sets at dance music festivals? So much has changed in the last five years!

Lawrence has been a long term associate of John 00 Fleming’s and their styles are not dissimilar, with both sticking to underground trance and psy-trance rather than uplifting or more commercial varieties of the genre. As such, I think it’s fair to say that the name Christopher Lawrence is probably not that well known among the wider Sydney trance community and the night arrived with little hype and buzz surrounding it, which might explain why more of our friends didn’t turn out.

But it was their loss as Christopher Lawrence made it a night to remember, even if the dance floor was not as busy as the music deserved. These days, Voodoo at Home really delivers the production qualities to inspire. Where once the sound system wasn’t so great, now it packs a fantastic bass punch, with clear mids and trebles that fill the room. The visuals and lasers complement the sound perfectly and there are even ice cannons to cool the dancers down, even though this was not one of those nights where people were hanging out for the next blast!

We arrived while Nick Arbor and Scotty G were playing tunes such as Tiësto – Adagio For Strings and W&W – Lift Off and we caught up with a few friends while we waited for the night’s headliner to begin.

And even though this was the very first set we’d heard in 2015, I genuinely believe that we will be lucky if we hear a better 90 minutes of trance this year than Christopher Lawrence gave us. He blended trance and psy-trance, always with a strong melodic flavour and had me hooked from the word go till he drew things to a close at 3am. I don’t think I recognised a single tune, but I loved every one. I’m determined to spend more time listening to Lawrence and his podcast, Rush Hour – as going on the evidence of this set, he knows a wonderful tune when he hears it.

A big thanks to Genesis and Voodoo for putting on a night like this. Hopefully there will be more such nights this year and it won’t be another five years before we get a chance to hear Lawrence spin his tunes in Sydney. Next time I really hope more of my friends make sure they don’t miss out!