Just a day after arriving in London, we stopped by a wonderful little psy-trance party at the Pipeline, near Liverpool Street station. It was a great venue for an event like this, with a good sound system, cheap bar (well cheaper than the pub we met friends in beforehand) and even a good air-conditioning system!

We arrived as Jon Cockle began his set, warming up the room with some nice progressive vibes. We’ve heard a few of his live sets before, having downloaded or streamed them and really enjoyed them. With an early time-slot, this set was less compelling, perhaps, but struck the right balance as it wouldn’t have been right to be banging out the full-on psy-trance at this stage.

After Jon Cockle, N-Kore took over and upped the pace as the evening progressed. This was a great psy-trance set from someone completely unknown to me before tonight. I’ll definitely be looking out for some of his sets to stream or download to learn more about him.

Next up was the night’s headliner, the Digital Blonde. Well known for his collaborations with John 00 Fleming, Ricky Smith has long been producing fantastic trance under the Digital Blonde moniker. And tonight he played two hours of absolutely wonderful trance. Everyone in the club simply loved his set. We really have to try and get him over to Australia!

We couldn’t stay long after he finished, so we only caught a little of Lauren Lyon before leaving. But it had been a great event – just as good, if not better than the first DanceLoveHub that we attended in West London two or three years ago.