Anyone who has been to this festival will know why trance music lovers regard it as absolutely the best in the world. It’s not just that the music on both stages, from the beginning of the first day, to the last note as the sunset fades late on the last night, is so good. It’s the vibe amongst the gathered trance family from around the globe. Bumping into old friends and making new ones. Rubbing shoulders with the DJs as they dance to and enjoy the music being played by their colleagues. Discussing which stage to go to next, knowing that it doesn’t really matter because you’ll enjoy it either way, although you’ll also be missing out.  Of course it is about the music, the music that we love so much, and brings together trance lovers from Australia to Norway, Argentina to Japan, the UK to South Africa, USA to Belgium – the United Nations of Trance.  

We made sure we arrived in time for Solarstone. I never miss an opportunity to see him play and he was missed last year, when he wasn’t on the line-up. His set included many of his tunes we love so much, intermingled with a few that I didn’t recognise, but liked immediately and will no doubt become favourites as I hear them more. He had the arena singing along when he dropped Solarstone feat. Lemon – Lovers

Paul van Dyk was the festival’s headliner and I was curious about how he would approach playing to a knowledgable trance crowd. I was right to think that he wouldn’t take the route of mixing in and out of tracks every two minutes, but he did manage to give the new tunes from Politics Of Dancing 3 a good airing in a very good trance set. So while I wasn’t blown away, I did really enjoy the set. 

Not for the first time, Photographer had visa issues and Neptune Project stepped in at the last minute. Having seen both before, I wasn’t unhappy at this development and after PvD finished, we made our way over to the second stage. We’ve seen Dan Willis of Neptune Project a lot recently and we’re huge fans. Dan is definitely at his best playing an extended set, as short sets like this don’t really give him the time to demonstrate his talents to the full. Nevertheless, this was a really good set and I enjoyed it more than Paul van Dyk’s. 

Bryan Kearney was closing the main stage on the first day. His 3-hour + set in Sydney recently has been one of the highlights of 2015 so far, so I was looking forward to him taking the night to another level. Unbelievably, it was still light and looking across the beach, a beautiful sunset was a bit of a distraction, but Kearney’s music was so good that I was able to look away. Dropping The Thrillseekers vs. Aly & Fila – Es Vedra, Luminary – Amsterdam and even Dash Berlin – Man On The Run, he gave us a wonderful demonstration of his style of trance. I absolutely loved every minute of it and was delighted when he was allowed to play for 30 minutes beyond the official closing time.  

The highlight of the second day was undoubtedly The Thrillseekers. His set was a tour de force and such a great way to start our day! Dropping tracks like Standerwick feat. Jennifer Renée – All Of Us, The Thrillseekers – This Is All We Have (2015 Club Mix), Peter Steele – Mantra (The Noble Six Remix), Aly & Fila vs. The Thrillseekers – Es Vedra, Will Atkinson – Numb The Pain and Orkidea – Purity (Schneider Remix), he truly lived up to his name and thrilled us all. Simply fantastic! And finishing with The Thrillseekers feat. Fisher vs. Solarstone and Aly & Fila – The Last Fireisland (Daniel Kandi Mashup) was, for me, the icing on the cake. 

After The Thrillseekers, we caught some of Daniel Kandi‘s set and then moved across to the other stage to see Driftmoon, who dropped some great tunes including Above & Beyond – Sun In Your Eyes and Driftmoon – Howl At The Moon. We stayed at the second area for Standerwick, who upped the tempo and played a typical banging set. 

There was just time to catch the end of Ferry Tayle‘s set (this was the hardest clash for us) before Indecent Noise came on and ripped the place apart in his inimitable style as the sun began to set. John Askew was next and served up a great hour of dark, driving trance. And then it was back across to see ReOrder close the other stage with a fantastic set, including some Skypatrol songs – Folding Your Universe and Skyres. It’s so obvious that he loves his job and his enthusiastic performance was a great way to end the day. But in fact we managed to catch a few more tunes on the main stage as Jordan Suckley was given an extra half hour and we heard him drop The Thrillseekers – Synaethesia and Binary Finary – 1998 before we headed home. 

Sunday at Luminosity is, of course, classics day and this means arriving early so as not too miss any of the delights on offer from the start of the day. Last year’s festival highlight had been the two and three quarter hours from Orkidea that drew goose bumps from midday onwards. This year the first set on the classics stage was an In Search Of Sunrise set by York. It didn’t match the heights of Orkidea’s masterpiece, but it was a great way to start the day with delicious melodies and nostalgia. 

Next up was Art Of Trance, playing a Platipus Records set. Using laptop and synthesizer to play live, he mixed some deep, progressive basslines and tunes, staring intently at his equipment. It was a really enjoyable reminder of some of the roots of trance, though I think it would probably have suited a small, dark room better than a sunny beach setting. 

Now it was time for Kyau & Albert to play classics from the Anjunabeats and Euphonic label. They dropped lots of great tunes, perfect for singing along to – but overall I felt the set felt like it had been thrown together at random and it lacked a little in flow. But it was lots of fun, which was surely the intention. 

My favourite set on Sunday was from Rank 1. This guy really knows his stuff and played tunes from the early 2000s, weaving them together brilliantly. I can honestly say that I did not want it to end but when he dropped the all-time classic, Rank 1 – Airwave, I figured he was ending his set on a high. 

We listened to Marcel Woods and, briefly, on the second stage, Paul Webster, before deciding that we’d rather take a chance on Judge Jules playing classics than listen to Ben Nicky, whose style is not to my tastes. Jules actually played a lot of good tunes and partially redeemed himself in my eyes, after the dreadful mess he played in Sydney a while back. 

The anticipation for The Thrillseekers was palpable. He’s truly in his element playing classics to the Luminosity faithful and is always the set that people look forward to. And when, early on, he dropped Luminary – Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix), it felt like we were going to hear something very special. But I felt the set drifted a bit and with Giuseppe Ottaviani playing in the second arena, we were tempted away. From what I can gather, The Thrillseekers set ended wonderfully, with the Ferry Corsten remix of Synaethesia, and who knows if we did the right thing in leaving it early, but that is what we did. 

Giuseppe Ottaviani played to a packed crowd and more than justified our decision to move stages. When Manuel Le Saux took over, we stayed for a little while, but eventually decided to rest our legs on the beach and watch the sunset – the best of the three days, despite the fact that the weather was probably the least good. Once we had restored our stamina, there was time to listen to the last 45 minutes of Signum, on the classics stage. It was a great finish to three days of music, friends and sunsets. 

We had tickets for the after-party, but with the change of venue to Amsterdam, we decided that it was time to draw our Luminosity to a close for the year. It’s very hard to choose my favourite set of the weekend, but Solarstone, Bryan Kearney, The Thrillseekers (on Saturday) and Rank 1 would be my picks. Luminosity Beach Festival is heaven for the international trance family and an absolute must for anyone who loves their trance. There is something hard to describe, but utterly fulfilling about listening to your favourite music with so many people from all over the world who love the same tunes, especially with the great and late sunsets. I can’t wait for next year! 

PS. I’m travelling at the moment and can’t add photos and videos to this blog. I will edit and update it later in August.