The last time the sounds of psy-trance took over Voodoo, at the beginning of the year, Christopher Lawrence delivered a wonderful set to a transported group of clubbers and the only slight disappointment was that there weren’t a lot more people there to experience it. I’d been excited about seeing Liquid Soul, one of my favourite psy producers, but I guess I was a little bit concerned that not enough others would share my enthusiasm.

And although the Darling Harbour area was very busy, I put this down to the start of the party season, and I wasn’t really expecting the very long queue we found when we arrived at Home. So it was a real pleasure to find the club very busy and with a definite buzz in the air when we got inside and found Nick ArborSimon Lovell playing tunes somewhat outside their usual repertoire.

It turned out that Liquid Soul had been delayed at the airport and he eventually started his set about 40 minutes late. But it was well worth the wait as he took us on a delicious journey in his progressive psy-trance style. Dropping great tunes like Liquid Soul – I See The Spirit, Liquid Soul – Anjuna and The Overlords – God’s Eye On Goa (Liquid Soul Remix), his 90 minute set seemed to go by in no time at all.

Next up was Vini Vici, noted for their tune, The Tribe, which has featured in so many DJ’s sets this year, to the point of becoming a bit hackneyed. Anyway, their style is much less my cup of tea than Liquid Soul’s, so I wasn’t too surprised that I didn’t really take to this set and was happy to leave before the night ended.

With the usual fantastic sound and production at Home, this was a really good night of psy trance and any worries I had early on that the room was full of people who wouldn’t “get” psy-trance proved completed unfounded, so when we left just before 3am, the dance floor was still pretty busy.

Another excellent night put on by the Genesis/Voodoo team and an encouraging sign that they are willing to go outside the mainstream. Even better is that it seems that there is a good audience for music as good as this.