After the mixed bag that was Atlantis (good music and production, terrible crowd), it was time to return to music on a much smaller scale, so on Saturday the fun moved from the stadium to the night club. The venue for Digital Therapy was a new one for them and a distinct improvement on Club E11even, where they had alighted for their last event – with Factor B and Matt Bowdidge. The Tao Lounge is another of the many downstairs rooms typical of Sydney pubs and a bit more spacious than many.

Although it’s a massive improvement on Club E11even, there’s definitely still room for improvement with this new venue – the dance floor area is pretty small, given the overall size of the room, and, more importantly, the sound was very muddy. Either this got better as the night progressed, or we managed to gravitate to a sweet spot, because after a while this problem was much less noticeable.

After the horrors of the Allphones Arena, it was a real joy to find ourselves in a crowd of trance lovers, out to enjoy the tunes and not to show off their rippling muscles (as had been too much the case at Atlantis the week before). Indeed there was the usual relaxed Digital Therapy vibe which makes all their events so enjoyable. And the music was sensationally good too! We missed the earlier DJs, but we arrived in time to catch Big J dropping some good progressive Anjunadeep tunes like Michael Cassette – Shadow’s Movement and Oceanlab – Breaking Ties (Jaytech & James Grant Remix).

Interstellar is the name that Neptune Project and The Noble Six have given their new collaborative project and tonight was their official debut (although they have played back-to-back on one or two occasions previously) with a marathon four-hour set. Extended sets of this kind are something of a habit for Dan Willis of Neptune Project and I got the feeling that he settled into it a bit better than The Noble Six, but together they put together a great journey full of awesome tunes:

Airwave – Sadness In Black And White (Part 1), The Thrillseekers With York & Asheni – Daydream (Will Atkinson Dreamy Mix), Ferry Corsten – Shanti (Factor B Remix), Faithless – Salva Mea, Above & Beyond – Sun In Your Eyes (Neptune Project Remix), Matt Darey presents Li Kwan – Point Zero, Paul van Dyk – Crush (Neptune Project Remix), Will Atkinson – Subconscious, Oceanlab – Clear Blue Water (Neptune Project Remix), Push – Strange World, Robert Nickson – Twisted By Design, The Noble Six –  Undimmed, Tilt – Rendezvous (Orkidea Remix), Andain – Summer Calling (Airwave Club Mix), The Noble Six – Meteora, Neptune Project – Lost All My Tears (The Noble Six Remix).

Four hours passed in a flash and it was time to leave. There have been so many great nights hosted by Digital Therapy, but thanks to Neptune Project and The Noble Six, this was definitely amongst the best.