With no international trance DJs in Sydney this weekend, it gave us a great opportunity to sample the local talent. And what a lot of fun we had, too!

First up was Voodoo on Friday, with Simon Lovell playing a four-hour set of trance anthems. Dropping tunes like Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade, 4 Strings – Take Me Away, Cygnus X – Superstring (Rank 1 Remix), Lost Tribe – Gamemaster and Robert Miles – Children gave the set a nice old school feel. But there was also a good spread of music from more recent times, like Gouryella – Anahera, Mat Zo & Arty – Rebound and Bryan Kearney – Wake Up Call to balance it out.

And, naturally, there was an awesome visual and laser show to accompany the pumping tunes. Voodoo really excels in this aspect and we deliberately spent more time than usual at the back of the room so that we could fully appreciate it. The club was very busy for a night with no big international name to bring in the crowds and it’s clear that Simon has built a good following for his brand of trance. It’s good to know that local DJs can deliver the goods when given the chance to shine.

On Saturday, we made our way to ARQ for the return of United Colors Of Trance. This used to be a regular outing to see local trance DJs in Sydney, but a change in policy at ARQ and the massive growth in the numbers of international DJs visiting Australia had seen it fall into abeyance. So it was good to see it return, even if only to the downstairs room at ARQ, which doesn’t have the same vibe somehow as the upstairs room.

There was a definite feeling of reunion about the event, with a few faces making the effort to come along that we hadn’t seen in quite a while. All the DJs played some great music. Taras Huntley dropped Lange & Gareth Emery – Another You Another MeLorin Pearce played Roger Shah & Signum – Healesville SanctuaryAlex ‘Chico’ Arias dropped Quench – Dreams and DJ Ruby played Solarstone – 4EverRaptor played some great psy-trance too and overall it was a really enjoyable night.

We are pretty spoiled in Sydney with the quality of the trance DJs visiting from overseas, which doesn’t leave much space for the local talent to play headline slots and show us what they are capable of. This weekend was a refreshing chance to see and hear them and I have to say that I really enjoyed both nights.