12809631_1056270554416669_1482937979094358563_nAfter a couple of weekends enjoying the music of Sydney’s local DJs, this weekend it was back to savouring the talents of some big international names. Celebrating his Open Up brand, Simon Patterson had brought John Askew with him to Australia for some back-to-back, open to close sets, starting in Sydney.

Being an open to close set, we wanted to get into the club early and so we arrived around two hours earlier than usual, and I was pleased to see that it was already pretty busy. Both Patterson and Askew are best known for later night, 140BPM trance, so it was interesting to hear them warm up the room with some dark, progressive tunes. And my jaw nearly hit the floor when I thought I heard a tune from the seventies, Donna Summer – I Feel Love, a track that’s nearly 40 years old, though it turned out only to be a tune that was sampling it or just stealing the bass line, DJ PP – Queen Of The Disco (Hazzaro & Jerome Robins Remix).

IMG_3043As well as spending time in our usual spot near the front, we decided to hang back more so that we could take in the visual spectacle and laser show. The overall production at Voodoo nights is really impressive these days and although you don’t get the feeling of being surrounded by lasers, as we did at Ruby Trance last weekend, the view from the back at Home is pretty spectacular.

As the night wore on, rather than just alternating tracks, Askew and Patterson took longer spells on their own. This didn’t seem to impact the overall coherence or journey of the set, but it did make it clear to me that I was preferring Askew’s trance to Patterson’s psy, although I was enjoying both immensely. We heard Simon Patterson – Dissolve, Simon Patterson – The One, Simon Patterson & Magnus – Evoke, Simon Patterson – Apex, John Askew – Supersonic, John Askew – Can I Be Frank?, John Askew – Shine, Underworld – To Heal (John Askew Remix), Commander Tom – Are Am Eye (John Askew Remix), Bryan Kearney & Will Atkinson – The Game Changer, Sean Tyas – Da Doo Da Dah (John Askew Remix) and, to my surprise, Dogzilla – Without You. 

Great music, a great vibe, plenty of friends, stunning lasers and a really good sound system. It was yet another reminder of how good a Friday night at Home nightclub can be. And although I have been lauding the locals of late, I have to say that when you get a couple of great DJs like these two, they definitely add something special that you don’t get without them. This was the first in a new series of open to close sets at Voodoo and I’d say they are not to be missed, especially as the next one will feature the one and only Solarstone.