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img_3249Back from an extended break in London, The Netherlands, Italy and Ibiza, it’s now time to get back into writing my reviews. But first things first, I need to catch up on what I did while I was away. Finding time to write up every event proved too much this year, and once I’d let it slip, I decided that the best thing would be to write up a single review covering every event of the summer in Europe.

img_3256First up, of course, was Luminosity Beach Festival, of which so much could be written. As always, it was the perfect blend of wonderful music, amazing sunsets, meeting old friends, making new friends and dancing to trance across three stages. So many highlights, as always, but there were a few that I have to mention.

  • The Thrillseekers, who opened with Sasha – Xpander (a bold move), and just got better and better, over three wonderful hours.
  • Orkidea, of course, who opened the new stage on the Saturday, warming us up perfectly for the day’s musical treats ahead.
  • Signum, who played another brilliant set and surprised me when he dropped the wonderful London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (Solarstone Remix).
  • Liquid Soul, whose deliciously melodic psy-trance was perfect for the time of day.
  • John O’Callaghan, playing possibly my favourite tune of the year so far: Ludovico Einaudi – Two Trees (John O’Callaghan Remix).
  • John 00 Fleming, ripping apart the new stage as only he can do.
  • Paul van Dyk on classics day as the sun set. How good it was to see him back in action!

The festival gets bigger and bigger each year, and perhaps as it does so it loses a little of its charm and intimacy. But it’s still streets ahead of anything else in the world for trance fans and next year’s tenth anniversary, with an extra day’s music to enjoy, has been put firmly into our diary (tickets and accommodation already secured).

Back in London we had the chance to catch the latest dance:love:hub night, at Brixton’s Club 414. Sadly, The Digital Blonde had to cancel, but we still had a great time dancing to some warm, melodic psy-trance, courtesy of Jon Cockle, Façade and others. These events are notable for the friendly vibe and the brilliant decorations of the intimate 414 really made for a special night.

Our annual pilgrimage to Ibiza took us to Amnesia for Cream and what a great night it was too! Without a doubt, Amnesia is my favourite club in the world, despite the ridiculous bar prices. Jordan Suckley played a really good warm-up set, which I probably enjoyed more than I would a peak hour set in his normal style. Paul Oakenfold relied a bit too much on EDM drops over old Perfecto classics in the first half of his set, but got it spot on in the last 45minutes – so much so that I forgave him for what had gone before!

Paul van Dyk
, in his element as the Cream resident, played even better than his Luminosity set and showed that his remarkable recovery from the life-threatening fall at ASOT750 is all but complete. And then Aly & Fila tore the roof down with a brilliant set that showed Fadi at his absolute best. What a moment when he dropped The Thrillseekers – Amber (ID Remix) and we got to hear the other contender for tune of the year on the sensational Amnesia sound system!

At the other end of our Ibiza trip we were hugely disappointed when the news came through that Solarstone had broken his ankle in Majorca and was unable to play either the Connect Boat Party or the Connect Pure Trance night at Es Paradis. Still, the show must go on, and Sied van Riel was flown in to cover. He played back-to-back with Alex Ryan on the sunset boat party, which is definitely one of the best things about Ibiza.

Version 2The Pure Trance night went ahead without Solarstone, and there was a disappointing turnout for what proved to be a night of superb trance. Orkidea opened with a wonderful 90-minute set, Sied van Riel played a wonderfully trancey set and John 00 Fleming played one of the best two hours I’ve ever heard from him, closing with Tiësto – Suburban Train and Brainbug – Nightmare. With plenty of room to dance, we had a brilliant night.

In between the big events that bookended our week on the white isle, we managed several trips to the wonderful Tropi bar, making friends and dancing to tunes played by DJ Ange, Nathia Kate, Amy Parnell, Paul Stone and others. There really is no other bar like it, anywhere in the world and we even left Eric Prydz at Café Mambo early just to get back to Tropi!

Back in the UK and there was time for an overnight trip up to Manchester for the last ever Majefa night, at Sound Control. The main room of the club was absolutely rammed and, with little ventilation, it was a real sweatbox. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed John 00 Fleming’s set – very different from the tunes he played three days earlier in Ibiza and I’d really love to know whose remix of Binary Finary – 1998 he dropped.

After J00F it was time for M.I.K.E. Push Live – and despite the heat and the short amount of time he had to play (55 minutes), what an incredible set he delivered, including Plastic Boy – Silver Bath, Push – The Legacy, Push – Strange World and finishing with an amazing live rendition of Push – Universal Nation.

We also caught a bit of Matt Darey’s set in the downstairs room and really enjoyed listening to Ryan Hamer in the bar, especially when he dropped Sean Tyas – Lift. The after-party was a bit of a let down, because instead of the billed 4-hour set by Akira Kayosa, he shared the DJ’ing with at least three others and it was such a mess that between them they managed to mix from one tune back into the tune they’d just played.

Our final event of the year before we flew back to Australia was Wax Format at the Magic Roundabout at Old Street roundabout in London. A mostly outdoor venue meant that the sound lacked a lot of punch, but it’s actually a great setting and has a bit of the feel of Sydney’s Greenwood, without the religious buildings! It was a good chance to see lots of our London trance family and friends for the last time this year and the only slight disappointment was that Richard Durand’s set, whilst full of classics, such as Veracocha – Carte Blanche, Armin van Buuren – Communication and Binary Finary – 1998 (Paul van Dyk Remix), didn’t really live up to its In Search Of Sunrise billing. After Richard Durand finished, Sam Mitcham played a really good set to call a close to our musical tour.

So that wraps up the last three months. Hopefully I’ll be getting things back to normal now, with a dedicated review of each event I attend.


What a wonderful night this was! Announced a long time ago, the anticipation for this event was huge. Long before we set off for Europe in June, we knew that we had something very special to look forward to when we got back. Genesis has put on a number of white parties, but the darker trance of the Subculture label is far more suited to a black theme. And if I’m honest, far more up my street too. I was excited by pretty much the entire line up, although I was most keen for John O’Callaghan, a long-time favourite of mine, who we hadn’t caught much in the last couple of years (bar a closing set at Cream Amnesia last year).

We arrived just as Sneijder started his set, to be told by some that Blazer before him had been dull and by others that he had been amazing. I guess that the fact that his style is more techno and breaks than trance explains the strong divergence in opinions. Sneijder was playing earlier than billed, and I would say earlier than is usual for him or his style. It certainly didn’t seem to affect his choice of tunes and the crowd responded enthusiastically, particularly when he dropped Orkidea – Purity (Sneijder Remix). I really enjoyed his set, but not as much as I had his set on the Trance Sanctuary boat on the Thames in August.

The huge Hordern Pavilion was already pretty full, although, in fact, there was plenty of space at the front – it seemed more packed the further back you went – and the production was seriously impressive. Screens that ran the entire width of the stage played suitably dark images and spotlights played across the arena. Perhaps the sound was not quite as shatteringly loud as I expected, and one or two others I spoke to agreed – but this was probably a good thing for those without earplugs!

After Sneijder, it was the turn of Will Atkinson, another DJ I had seen quite recently, this time in Ibiza in July. His set was a well-worked progression from his Darkboy alias tunes, such as Walk The Talk right through to closing with the fantastic Will Atkinson – Numb The Pain. By now the Hordern was really buzzing and the incredible lasers had begun to wow the crowd.

Now it was time for the man I had come to see – John O’Callaghan. And what a wonderful set he gave us. Starting with Flynn & Denton and Audrey Gallagher – Say My Name, he mixed new tunes with classics throughout the all-too-short hour he had: John 00 Fleming – If I Don’t Come Home (John O’Callaghan Remix), Giuseppe Ottaviani – Crossing Lights, Mauro Picotto – Iguana (Joint Operations Centre Remix), John O’Callaghan – Big Sky (Joint Operations Centre Reconstruction), John O’Callaghan & Jennifer Rene – Games (Standerwick Remix) and closing with John O’Callaghan – Find Yourself (Standerwick Remix).

During his set, the laser show became even more spectacular. Being fairly near the front, we weren’t really in the best position to see the lasers to their full effect, but even up close they were breathtaking! My highlight from his set was John O’Callaghan – One Special Particle, a tune that seems to get better each time I hear it live. The big disappointment was that the set was only an hour long … O’Callaghan’s talent really deserves much longer than this – perhaps you could even say it needs longer?

This was the fifth time this year that I’d seen Bryan Kearney – after ASOT 700 and Voodoo in Sydney, Luminosity Beach Festival in the Netherlands and Connect at Privilege in Ibiza. Just as well, then, that I am a huge fan of his. It’s a tough ask to follow John O’Callaghan, but Kearney did it so well that I enjoyed his set almost as much and possibly even more. Again, one hour does not give a DJ of his talent enough time to demonstrate his abilities truly, but it was enough time to drop a string of fantastic tunes: Plumb – Need You Now (How Many Times) (Bryan Kearney Remix), Bryan Kearney – Te Amo, Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bruce – U (Bryan Kearney Remix), Bryan Kearney – Wake Up Call and Sneijder & Christina Novelli – Love Of My Control. Although I’d seen him so much recently, there was nothing samey about this set, yet it still had that distinctive Bryan Kearney sound and feel. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see him again!

Next up was John Askew, another that I had been most keen to see. And he didn’t disappoint, turning up the energy levels to maximum and giving us what I thought was the set of the night. Combining his originals with some incredible remixes of classics and several tunes I couldn’t put a name to, he was relentless and true to his style, which is as devoid of fluffiness and cheesiness as anyone’s. It’s perhaps not for the faint-hearted, but it drove the night to another level for me. It was great to hear the relatively recent tune, John Askew – Shine, but the two absolute highlights were Leftfield – Song Of Life (John Askew Remix) and DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (John Askew Remix). Two tunes from about 20 years ago, brought up to date – what memories they brought back!

Unfortunately the night ended on a sour note, when Simon Patterson’s set was shut down after a little under 20 minutes. It turned out that the police had ordered the closure “for our own safety” after some people had been taken to hospital with suspected drug overdoses. I’m not sure how closing the party 40 minutes before its scheduled ending made us safer, particularly as anyone who was going to consume a large quantity of drugs would have done so already by then. But that debate is for another place. The worry is that, now that two huge trance parties have been ended early in Sydney this year, it will be increasingly difficult for promoters to put on more such events.

But I don’t want to finish on a down, and it was, despite the abrupt conclusion, a really fantastic night. Every DJ played a great set and my only serious beef is that I’d like to have heard much more from all of them. And the visual spectacle – video screens, lights and lasers was thrilling. Massive congratulations and thanks to the team from Genesis for putting on the show and to the DJs for making it so memorable. Hopefully there will be a repeat performance in 2016!

Thanks to Terry Harvey for the use of his great photo and the video showing Man Lie’s magnificent lasers.

Anyone who thought trance was dead must surely have realised their mistake in 2014. Unless they’ve had their ears tuned in the wrong direction, they would have heard so many amazing tunes that narrowing it down to a top 5 or even top 10 is just too difficult; certainly it is for me.

And to top last year, when I listed my best 20 tunes of the year, this year I’m going one better … so here are my favourite 21 tunes of 2014, in alphabetical order – choosing just 21 tunes was hard enough; ranking them would be nigh on impossible.

Aly & FilaAltitude Compensation

From their third artist album, The Other Shore, which is simply fantastic. Too difficult to choose just one, so this is the first of five tracks from it that I’ve put in my top 21.

SilvermineFlying (Solarstone Pure Mix)

From Solarstone Presents Pure Trance V3. Another amazing compilation/mix from Solarstone, packed with great tunes, expertly mixed by Solarstone, with Bryan Kearney on mix duties for the second disc. And this is the first of six tunes from it in my 21.

Aly & Fila feat. Jaren For All Time

Another from The Other Shore, this is a great uplifting vocal trance tune in classic Aly & Fila style. I love it!

Aly & Fila vs. SneijderFull Throttle

The third tune from The Other Shore, this time in collaboration with the brilliant Sneijder. This is a great 140BPM tune that seems to be played by a lot of great DJs at the moment.

John O’Callaghan feat. Jennifer ReneGames (Standerwick Remix)

You can rely on John O’Callaghan to produce a number of great tunes each year, but it’s the Standerwick remix that really stands out for me. What a year it’s been for Standerwick – I’ve loved so many of his originals, collaborations and remixes. This is just one of five of his tunes that I’ve selected for my 21.

LyctumGreece 2000

This year I’ve really started to appreciate psy-trance, but I have to admit that I don’t know much about it, really. This is the first of three psy-trance tunes I’ve chosen and it’s a remake of the all-time classic from Three Drives On A Vinyl. It’s a bit different and I love it!

Liquid SoulI See The Spirit

More psy-trance, from one of the producers who I’ve really got into this year. Hearing John 00 Fleming drop this in the Cave was one of this year’s highlights.

Sied van Riel vs. StanderwickIn A Perfect World (Solarstone Pure Mix)

That man Standerwick again, this time in collaboration with Sied van Riel and given the magical Pure touch by Solarstone. This is simply wonderful!

The Thrillseekers & StanderwickLike They Used To

For months after Renee and I first heard this tune in the download of Standerwick’s set at ASOT650NL, it was just IDID and we were desperate to find out what it was, as we loved it so much. Then it was released in Aly & Fila’s Trance Nation compilation CD and we were delighted to learn who made it. I don’t think it’s had the recognition it deserves and hasn’t been played nearly enough. Another example of Standerwick as the emerging talent of the year!

Liquid Soul & DJ DreamLiquid Dream

More psy-trance and more Liquid Soul. It was great to hear Aly & Fila drop this at the Metro in October.

Gai BaroneMr. Slade (Solarstone Pure Mix)

This is a lovely tune, again from the wonderful Pure Trance V3. It’s one of those tunes that seem to get better every time you hear them.

Aly & Fila with Ferry TayleNubia

Aly & Fila’s album is full of wonderful tunes, but this one just might be my favourite. I’m a big fan of Ferry Tayle, who played great sets this year at Luminosity Beach Festival and at Digital Therapy in Sydney. I could listen to this tune again and again and again.

Luke Bond feat. Roxanne Emery – On Fire (Aly & Fila Remix)

Aly & Fila worked their magic on this tune which was played seemingly everywhere earlier this year. It’s still really good, I reckon, and yet another A&F tune in my list, on top of all those taken from their album!

OrkideaPurity (Original Mix)

What a wonderful tune this is – probably Orkidea’s best since Unity; and I’m sure it will be considered a classic in due course. Hard to choose between the original and the Sneijder remix, but I’ve opted for the original. I almost put both in my list!

EcanoRun (Z2 vs Neptune Project LSD Remix)

Like Greece 2000, this is a very old tune, but it’s been given an acidic twist by Neptune Project and Solarstone included it in his Pure Trance compilation. It’s the perfect end to disc one.

No video for this one, but you can listen on Soundcloud here.

Aly & Fila with Skypatrol feat. Sue McLarenRunning

My final selection from The Other Shore and bringing together Standerwick and ReOrder (Skypatrol), Aly & Fila and the vocals of Sue McLaren. Such a great tune.

Pink FloydShine On The Dark Side Of The Moon (Neptune Project’s Out There With Pluto Mix)

Is this by Pink Floyd or is it by Neptune Project? Probably the latter, really. I usually loathe trance remixes of rock tracks, but maybe Pink Floyd’s music is more appropriate to the trance treatment than, say, Coldplay? Or maybe Pink Floyd is just much better than Coldplay in the first instance? Either way, this tune blew me away when I first heard it and it was also great to hear it played through the sound system at Space in Ibiza. This might be my favourite tune of 2014.

Standerwick & ReOrder pres. SkypatrolSkyres

Skypatrol first came to everyone’s attention last year with the awesome tune Folding Your Universe. And although this isn’t the next tune off the rank, it’s definitely the next one of the same calibre. I’m really looking forward to hearing this live … maybe we’ll get a Skypatrol tour of Australia in 2015? Here’s hoping!

Solarstone & OrkideaSlowmotion III (Solarstone Remix)

The third in this series of collaborations between the original Pure Trance collaborators is, in my humble opinion, the best so far. There are three versions: the original mix plus remixes by Orkidea and by Solarstone. They’re all fantastic and the Orkidea remix is an epic that clocks in at 13 minutes 22 seconds. The Solarstone version isn’t as long, but just edges it for me as the best of the three. But they’re all gold.

Ferry Tayle feat. PoppyThe Way Back Home (Dan Stone Remix)

France hasn’t been noted for its contribution to the trance music scene, but Ferry Tayle is right up there for me as a great producer and DJ. As noted above, he played wonderfully both times I saw him this year, and I love this track. There’s also a good remix by Matt Bowdidge and the original mix on Ferry Tayle’s album, The Wizard, is good too, but I’ve chosen the Dan Stone remix for my list.

Will Atkinson Victims

This is probably many people’s choice of tune of the year, and I’m sure it’s one that we’ll keep hearing for some time yet. It’s archetypal uplifting trance and the kind of tune that you can’t help loving if you’re a fan of the genre. Sadly I missed out on the chance to see Will Atkinson this year, but hopefully we can put that right in 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.55.38
Our annual trip to Ibiza is always filled with musical treats and this year was no different. Except that there were quite a few differences this year in Ibiza, with Armin van Buuren taking his A State Of Trance shows from Monday nights at Privilege to Thursday evenings at Ushuaïa, while Markus Schulz took up residence at Amnesia on Sundays. Ferry Corsten has moved his Full On Ferry night from Eden to Space. And the Driftwood team have launched a new trance night, Sunk, at Privilege’s side room, the Vista Club. Finally, Gatecrasher have taken over and renamed Eden, with trance scheduled every Monday night. The only fixed star in the firmament is Thursday night’s Cream at Amnesia.

So when we booked our six-night stay, we knew that there was probably more to see and hear than even our eager appetites could manage. Thus we turned down the opportunity to see the New World Punx on the night we arrived, knowing that the following day’s Driftwood party would be worth preserving our energies for.

is my favourite thing to do in my favourite holiday destination. What more can you want than 100 or so trance aficionados on a boat in San Antonio bay, listening to proper trance on a Funktion 1 sound system, as the sun sets? This was our third time aboard Driftwood and the routine is now very familiar. Gathering at Itaca bar, exchanging tickets for wristbands (which also got us into Sunk the following night for free), a couple of warm-up drinks and then walking along the harbour front to the boat and climbing aboard, ready for the music to start. And taking a while to get used to dancing on a rocking boat!

And what great music we were treated to! After a nice warm-up by Alex RyanMina (from Fady & Mina) played a great set, including his remix of Aly & Fila – Your Heart Is Mine. But we’d all come to hear Aly & Fila play, and Fadi did not disappoint, playing so many great tunes: Alt+F4 – Alt+F4, Oakenfold – Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Remix), Luke Bond feat. Roxanne Emery – On Fire (Aly & Fila remix), Chicane – Autumn Tactics (The Thrillseekers remix), Above & Beyond – Sun In Your Eyes, and, of course, as the sun set, Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan – We Control The Sunlight. And after an overcast afternoon we got a brilliant sunset, as if to confirm that Fadi really does control the sunlight!

After Driftwood, we headed into San Antonio’s West End, to relax over drinks at the Tropi Bar, served by the one and only Oscar, and chatted to the new friends we’d made at the Driftwood party. We skipped Gatecrasher, having heard that the rostered DJs were unlikely to appear and the club very likely to be nearly empty. Not long after our visit to Ibiza, we learned that Gatecrasher had crashed and closed the doors. A shame that a great trance brand has been brought so low.

Tuesday night was one I was really looking forward to, ever since I realised that we were going to miss Pure Trance in Sydney. To make up for that, we were lucky enough to time our trip to the white isle to coincide with Pure Trance Ibiza, courtesy of Sunk, at Privilege’s Vista Club. With Orkidea, Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani on the line-up, we didn’t want to miss a minute, so we were banging down the door to get in just after midnight.

Orkidea‘s set at Luminosity had been so wonderful, but this time he wasn’t going to be playing classics, so it was our first experience of a normal opening set by him. And what a wonderful set it was, awesome progressive tunes, like his remix of Tilt and Paul van Dyk – Rendezvous, edging up the energy level steadily till he closed with his remix of Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun.

Next up was Solarstone, who started by dropping his Pure remix of Orkidea – Unity, a nice touch and a great transition from one set to the next. I loved the set, heavily laced with his own tunes like Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel, Solarstone – Pure, Solarstone – Please, Solarstone – 4 Ever and possibly my favourite track from Pure Trance Volume 2, Driftmoon – Howl At The Moon (Solarstone Retouch).

The Vista club at Privilege is a much-improved space since our last visit, two years ago, when it was little more than an unadorned side-room, with the CD decks and mixers set up on a temporary table. The sound is great, as are the lasers and lights generally.

Following Solarstone, it was time for Giuseppe Ottaviani. Although Giuseppe was in fine form, playing a banging late night set, for some reason the crowd began to thin out, and as a result the room was fairly empty by the time he closed with Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) and Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Vitamin B – Waiting on Someday.

After a quiet night on Wednesday, we were ready to return to the fray on Thursday for Cream at Amnesia. There’s always a fantastic atmosphere at Amnesia and a packed main room dance floor enjoying the music as well as the lasers and famous ice cannon. We arrived early to take up a good position – on the recommendation of some new friends we abandoned our usual spot on the step in front of the DJ booth for the podium at the back of the room. Although this gave us a great view, I don’t think the sound was as good in this spot, so later in the evening we found ourselves back in prime position on that step!

After the warm-up DJ, it was Paul Oakenfold who got the main event rolling, but I really didn’t like his set at all. His mixing has never been his strong point, but in the first half an hour or so it was the big room EDM tunes that he was playing that grated more than the mixing itself. Later in his set the tunes improved – KhoMha – The Dark Knight, Darude –Sandstorm, PPK – Resurrection, Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun, Paul Oakenfold – Café del Mar, John O’Callaghan – Big Sky – but the mixing didn’t and the overall effect was of a set being “phoned-in” and, although I hadn’t really expected that much, I was disappointed.

Paul van Dyk was next and he took the night to another level. He combined his technical expertise with some wonderful tunes, both new and classic to create an amazing energy and he had the main room buzzing throughout his set. Amongst the many classic tunes he dropped (maybe more than usual because we were celebrating 20 years of Cream at Amnesia) were Paul van Dyk – Time Of Our Lives, Giuseppe Ottaviani – No More Alone, Paul van Dyk – For An Angel, The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia, Binary Finary – 1998, 4 Strings – Take Me Away, Randy Katana – In Silence, Underworld – Born Slippy and Paul van Dyk – Home.

5am arrived and it was time for John O’Callaghan to take us through till the close. At this time of night, there’s no messing around with JOC. It’s 140+BPM all the way. For me, this was the best set of the night. At 7 o’clock he was still going strong – along with at least 200 clubbers, determined not to leave until forced to. Along the way, we’d been treated to tunes like Vincent de Moor – Fly Away, Paul van Dyk & Giuseppe Ottaviani – Far Away, Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy – The Way Back Home, Flynn & Denton with Audrey Gallagher – Say My Name and Rui de Silva feat. Cassandra – Touch Me. We left blinking and searching for our sunglasses as we headed for the usual bunfight for taxis.

Friday night was our last night before flying home to London and we decided to take a late trip out to Space to catch Full On Ferry with Ferry Corsten and Aly & Fila. Last year, we had enjoyed Ferry’s set immensely as he transitioned from the EDM of Showtek through to uplifting trance to hand over to Fadi, by playing all his trance classics. This year, however, it was a very different experience. Perhaps because Space is a mainstream club, or for some other reason, but Ferry showed no interest in playing anything other than commercial mainstream EDM and, although the messy Space crowd were lapping it up, the room was by no means full and I found the music awful. The only hint he gave at what he is capable of was in the short section where he played back to back with Fadi, when he dropped Punk and Sweet Sorrow.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.06.09
With a crowd all set up to hear commercial tunes, Fadi did his best to rescue the night, but a lot of the people there were not interested in staying to listen to trance and the vibe in the room suffered as the place emptied. We heard some great music of course: Pink Floyd – Shine On The Dark Side Of The Moon (Neptune Project’s Out There With Pluto Mix) sounded fantastic played on the Space Discoteca sound system … and it was good to hear Fadi drop Rapid Eye – Circa Forever and Oceanlab – Satellite. But compared to other occasions when we’ve seen Aly & Fila, this didn’t rank among the best – primarily down to the venue and the crowd.

Another year in Ibiza and lots of great music and dancing. It can be expensive, of course, but we usually find ways of keeping the costs down so that we can afford to come back year after year. As always seems to be the case these days, Driftwood was the highlight. But Sunk shows a lot of promise, Cream is always special and we hardly noticed the fact that we missed out (by choice) on seeing either Armin or Markus Schulz.

Roll on 2015!


I think it’s been a really good year for trance, despite what some people will tell you about it “being dead”. So it’s been a challenge narrowing it down to just 20 tunes. And impossible to try and rank those 20 – so, like last year, I’ve just listed them in alphabetical order. Please use the comments facility to let me know which tunes I’ve left out that you think I shouldn’t have!

SuncatcherAre We There Yet? (Always Alive Recordings)

This features on Solarstone’s Pure Trance V2 mix and is simply beautiful. Suncatcher is from Romania and a name to watch out for, if you like your trance pure.

Solarstone & Betsie LarkinBreathe You In (Solarstone Pure Mix) (Premier)

The original mix of this song is on Betsie Larkin’s 2011 album, All We Have Is Now, but Solarstone has weaved his pure magic over it and I just love this version. The Sneijder remix is also very good, but I couldn’t put both in this list and eventually plumped for this one.

Aly & Fila with Giuseppe OttavianiBrilliant People (Sneijder Remix) (Black Hole)

Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani … with these brilliant people working on a track, you just know it will be fantastic. I love the original, but Sneijder has made it even better. Tune!

Maria HealyChatterbox (nu-depth Recordings)

Maria Healy is from Dublin and if this tune is anything to go by, she’s one to look out for in the future. There’s so much great music coming out of Ireland at the moment.

The Thrillseekers with York & AsheniDaydream (Will Atkinson Dreamy Mix) (Adjusted Music)

I’ve seen The Thrillseekers twice this year and whether he’s dropping classics or contemporary tunes, Steve Helstrip always delivers the goods. And although he’ll always be best known for Synaethesia, he is still producing top quality uplifting trance.

ReOrder & Ian Standerwick pres. SkypatrolFolding Your Universe (Future Sound Of Egypt)

This is going to be a lot of people’s choice as tune of the year, I suspect. It has an old school feel to it and I hope there will be more from Skypatrol next year.

Armin van Buuren feat. Emma HewittForever Is Ours (Solarstone Pure Mix) (Armada)

Armin’s new album, Intense, was predictably commercially focussed, with only a couple of nods to true fans of trance (Who’s Afraid of 138?! and Last Stop Before Heaven) but Solarstone picked up on this tune and gave it a Pure mix, which I really like, even if it is slightly cheesy.

Driftmoon – Howl At The Moon (Solarstone Retouch) (Black Hole)

Yes, Solarstone again. I have to confess that I love what he does, as you have probably guessed by now. This is another tune from Pure Trance V2, which is definitely my album of the year!

Solarstone – Love Theme from Blade Runner (Pure Mix)

Another tune from Pure Trance V2, this is a remake of the Vangelis theme from Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic film. And as ever, when Rich Mowatt gets his hands on a tune, it turns to gold.

Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet (Angry Man Remix) (Kearnage Recordings)

Adam Ellis is a name to look out for and his first release is one of those tunes that almost everyone was playing in their sets this year. The original mix is really good, but I think Angry Man makes it even better.

Charles McThorn – Oxydizing (Original Anthem Mix) (Redux Recordings)

I’ve never heard anyone play this, but I think it’s brilliant. I’ve not come across Charles McThorn before and I can’t find out anything about him either. Let’s hope there are more tunes like this to discover!

Solarstone – Please (Bryan Kearney Remix) (Black Hole)

It’s not often that remixers improve on a Solarstone original, but Bryan Kearney does just that, taking the BPM up to 140 and giving the tune added bite. I love it!

Sneijder & Bryan KearneyProper Order (Subculture)

Two leading lights in the Irish branch of Team 140 coming together to create a proper trance track. I think this is going to get a lot of plays in the next few months, and deservedly so.

Agnelli & Nelson presents A&N ProjectQuest (Adam Ellis Remix) (Subculture)

Whenever I tell people that this is possibly my favourite tune of the year, they all profess not to know it. Well hopefully this will change now.

Liam Wilson – Restrictor (Thomas Datt Remix) (Critical State)

We were very lucky to have both these DJ producers play at Digital Therapy recently and I really like this track. I hope you do too!

Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight and Sarah LynnSilhouette (Allen & Envy Remix) (Amsterdam Trance Records)

Well, this is going to be many people’s first choice for tune of the year and it’s easy to see why. I love it and my only reservation is that perhaps it’s overplayed? I can’t remember when I last went a whole evening without at least one DJ dropping it. While hunting for the You Tube video, I came across the original, which is horrible beyond belief. So make sure you only listen to the Allen & Envy remix!

John O’Callaghan & Ronski SpeedSincerely JORS (Subculture)

I first heard this at Dream nightclub in Miami, when Aly & Fila dropped it. I love the way the way the melody rolls through the build up to the drop and then bounces you along with it through to the end. A very under-rated tune, in my opinion.

Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Angry Man Remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)

To be honest, there were a number of remixes of classics that came out this year that I really like, but this was the only one I thought was good enough to make the cut as one of my tunes of the year. There’s a lot of mystery and speculation about who Angry Man is and he always appears hooded and masked, to add to the mystique. But with tunes like this and sets like he played at Luminosity Beach Festival this year, his identity is bound to become much better known in future.

Matt Bowdidge – Still By Your Side (Adam Ellis Remix) (Mental Asylum)

I love this tune from our Aussie mate – especially the Adam Ellis remix. Don’t let it get to your head, Matt!

Aly & FilaTula (Future Sound Of Egypt)

Taken from my favourite artist album of the year, Quiet Storm, I just love this track. I could have picked several more tunes from the album in this list, such as Laily, Mysteries Unfold, Speed Of Sound, First Sun, Daydreaming, Fireisland (Chillout Mix), Brilliant People … but I’ll content myself with this one.

So there we have it … 20 amazing tunes. My draft list had 41 on it, so it was really hard to narrow it down. I’d love to pick a single winner, but if I did so today, it wouldn’t be the same as yesterday, or tomorrow, so they will stay in alphabetical order. Let’s hope 2014 is as good as this year!

ImageEvery year Stereosonic festival gets bigger and bigger – this year becoming a two day event and a line-up so filled with great names that it was impossible to resist, even though large festivals can be rather disappointing. But Stereosonic 2013 was no disappointment and both days delivered some amazing music through awesome sound systems and the forecast rain showers stayed away.

Each day was dominated by one outstanding set and, particularly on day two, there were some very good others.

On the first day, we arrived during Jochen Miller’s set and also caught Tritonal before we saw Andrew Rayel. I enjoyed Rayel’s set the most of these.  Although there was a fairly commercial trance feel to lots of his set – think Dash Berlin – Waiting mashed with Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon, or MaRLo – Boom, he did create an interesting and enjoyable journey through tunes like Alex M.O.R.P.H. – For The Love Of An Angel, Omnia & Ira – The Fusion, an interesting reworking of Tiësto – Just Be and his hit track with Jano – How Do I Know? Ferry Corsten joined him for some brief back-to-back DJ’ing and dropped Ferry Corsten & Markus Schulz – Loops N Tings after which Andrew Rayel played his remix of Faithless – Insomnia.  Then it was time for the act I’d really come for!

Ferry Corsten back to back with Andrew Rayel, drops Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten – Loops N Tings

The Saturday was all about Aly & Fila vs. John O’Callaghan. I’m a massive fan of both of these DJs. Fadi, of Aly & Fila, is without doubt my favourite DJ. I’ve been fortunate enough to see him play seven times in the last 12 months, including this set – in Sydney, Miami, Ibiza and Amsterdam. His brand of uplifting trance mixes very well with that of John O’Callaghan and I was really looking forward to this set, ever since it was first announced they’d be playing back to back at Stereosonic.

Sometimes when you have very high expectations, it can lead to a slight feeling of disappointment when the reality is very good, but still below the anticipated level. This was not one of those occasions! From the word go, Fadi and John were simply brilliant. I’ve heard a lot of great sets in 2013, but this was undoubtedly the best 90 minutes of pure, uplifting trance this year.

A list of the tunes they played barely does justice to the magic they weaved and they had a packed arena absolutely buzzing for the whole of the set. We heard Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Sneijder Remix), Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You (John O’Callaghan Remix), Chakra – Love Shines Through, Aly & Fila – End Of The Road, Solarstone with Aly & Fila – Fireisland, Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes, RAM – RAMelia, Aly & Fila – We Control The Sunlight, John O’Callaghan & John Askew vs Nadia Ali – Stresstest Rapture (Shura Vlasov Mashup) and John O’Callaghan – Big Sky (Signum vs. RAM Remix). And when Ferry Corsten joined them on stage for the last fifteen minutes, he dropped his classic from 2008 – Radio Crash and Fadi dropped Binary Finary – 1998.

Ferry Corsten, back to back with Aly & Fila vs. John O’Callaghan, plays Radio Crash

I was utterly blown away by this amazing set. The highlight for me being when Fadi played Above & Beyond – Home … in fact, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it as I write this.

Aly & Fila, back to back with John O’Callaghan, plays Above & Beyond – Home

On Sunday we saw MaRLo and Heatbeat  as well as wandering into the next door arena to listen quickly to Mat Zo and then Gareth Emery (we beat a hasty retreat on both occasions as we didn’t like what we were hearing).

The best set of the Sunday was undoubtedly Solarstone’s, although Bryan Kearney gave him a good run for his money. No one does trance quite like Solarstone does – the Pure way.  A succession of great tunes from his past as well as present: Solarstone feat. Lemon – Lovers, Lemon – We Can’t Fly (Solarstone Pure Mix), Solarstone – Solarcoaster, Solarstone – Please, Armin van Buuren feat. Emma Hewitt – Forever Is Ours (Solarstone Pure Remix), Solarstone – Seven Cities, Solarstone – Love Theme From Bladerunner (Pure Mix) and Young Parisians – Jump The Next Train. He also dropped the tune of the moment: Reorder & Ian Standerwick present Skypatrol – Folding Your Universe.

Solarstone drops Armin van Buuren feat. Emma Hewitt – Forever Is Ours (Solarstone Pure Remix)

It was a wonderful set and though the room was not as full as it had been on Saturday, the crowd lapped it up and enjoyed it from start to finish.

Coming on next, Bryan Kearney dropped great tunes like Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet, Craig Connelly feat. Christina Novelli – Black Hole, Markus Schulz feat. Fiora – Deep In The Night, Paul van Dyk – For An Angel, John O’Callaghan – Find Yourself, Sneijder & Bryan Kearney – Proper Order, John O’Callaghan – Big Sky and Solarstone with Clare Stagg – Jewel. Kearney had to cope with a more sparsely filled room, as Above & Beyond were drawing many people towards the main stage, but he kept the energy level high and left everyone who stayed wanting more.

Bryan Kearney drops Paul van Dyk – For An Angel

After Bryan Kearney, Giuseppe Ottaviani wrapped up the evening in the trance arena (which metamorphosed into the hard dance arena for the last 75 minutes of the festival). I felt he took some time to get going, but the last three-quarters of an hour was pure Ottaviani brilliance. We heard his remix of Tiësto – Adagio For Strings, 4 Strings – Take Me Away, some of the songs from his new album, Magenta – Love Will Bring It All Around (feat. Eric Lumiere) and Brilliant People (with Aly & Fila) and he wrapped up with his remix of Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You.

There was just time to head over to the main stage to see Armin van Buuren playing to tens of thousands of people. It was an awesome spectacle, but the music wasn’t doing it for us and we decided to head off before the rush. I discovered later that he dropped some great tunes at the end of his set, such as John O’Callaghan & John Askew vs Nadia Ali – Stresstest Rapture (Shura Vlasov Mashup) and Armin van Buuren vs. Photographer – Airport Shivers (Armin van Buuren Mashup), which would have sounded fantastic on the main stage sound system, which was as good as any I’ve ever heard at an arena of that size. But we were happy to be heading off for some well-earned rest after two days of great music and dancing.

All in all, it had been a fantastic festival – Aly & Fila vs. John O’Callaghan the undoubted highlight, but Solarstone, Bryan Kearney and Giuseppe Ottaviani all excelled too.

It’s hard to say how much I was looking forward to Luminosity Beach Festival. For several years I’d wanted to go and been told how good it was by friends who’d been. I’d seen the line-ups and listened to downloads of recorded sets and thought just how perfect this festival always seemed to be. But it had always been held in June, when we’re in Australia, so I just hadn’t been able to go.

So the news this year that the date had been shifted to late August was music to my ears. And with the Future Sound Of Egypt 300 party the night before, it promised to be one hell of a weekend. Especially when we discovered that we would be joined by friends from the USA, France and Australia, as well as from England. And the only worry was the inevitable clashed between two stages, both offering a line-up of the best trance, with not a hint of trouse in sight!

We arrived for the first day at around 2.30pm. A short delay, while we were fleeced €5 for our weekend toilet wristbands, and we were inside the small beach club, called Fuel, and faced with a choice between the end of Sebastian Brandt‘s set on the Papaya stage, or seeing Matt Darey on the Caribbean Beach stage. We opted for Sebastian Brandt, as we wanted to catch Arctic Moon, who was playing immediately afterwards.

We were enjoying the great setting and the relaxed crowd and exploring the small festival site and after Arctic Moon’s set and the beginning of Matt Bukovski‘s, we tried out the other stage, where Paul Oakenfold had drawn a large crowd. Now Oakey can be a bit hit or miss these days – last year I loved his set at Ministry Of Sound in August and was distinctly underwhelmed by his Four Seasons set at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. We didn’t really stay for long enough to make a fully considered judgement but as we weren’t immediately grabbed, we headed back to the Papaya stage for James Dymond, who we’d seen recently in London and were very keen to see once again.

Sure enough, James Dymond played a fantastic set and really got me in the mood to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening. He was followed by a back-to-back set by Manuel le Saux and Ferry Tayle. I’ve never heard either of these two play before, but have heard good things about both and, sure enough, they were fantastic. Displaying a real enthusiasm for the music they were playing and the dancing trance fans in front of them, they played a brilliantly uplifting set, without getting too dark or heavy for the early evening time-slot they had.

We moved across to the main stage for John O’Callaghan and the vibe was now electric. At the front of the stage, three steps were filled with people dancing facing the crowd rather than the DJ and this contributed to the atmosphere generated by people with a truly shared taste in the music being played. We snuck right to the front and loved the set from beginning to end, but we left at the end, missing John Askew in order to take the opportunity to see Angry Man and curious to see if we could work out who he is!

Well he was wearing a black mask and black hoodie, so we couldn’t tell who he was. The theory that he was John Askew was easily disproved by the fact that Askew was playing the other stage at this very point in time. I liked the idea that he was, in fact, David Guetta – but the skill with which he mixed tunes like Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet (Angry Man Remix) into Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Angry Man Remix) was enough proof for me that this wasn’t true either! In fact, it was a really good set and possibly the best of the day for me.

With just 90 minutes of the first day left, we had to choose between Bryan Kearney on the main stage, or Sneijder and Will Atkinson on the Papaya stage. We’d enjoyed Sneijder so much at Futire Sound Of Egypt 300 the previous night, and knowing that Bryan Kearney would be playing the after party the next day, we opted to stay put. Although they were billed as playing back-to-back, in fact they took it in turns and the first 45 minutes was from Sneijder, who delivered a set in true uplifting 140 style. We were curious to see Will Atkinson and he played a great set to bring the day’s proceedings to a fantastic close and leave us hungry for more the next day.

There followed a long wait in the cold wind and rain for our pre-booked taxi to take us back to the warmth of our hotel and a few hours winding down before a good night’s sleep in preparation to do it all again. The first day of Luminosity had been so good and the fact that there was still another day left me with a warm glow as we drifted off to sleep.

So after a mere ten days of recovery from Ibiza, we headed off to City airport for the short hop across the North Sea to Amsterdam for the weekend I’d been looking forward to all summer. It was our first opportunity to go to Luminosity Beach Festival as until this year it’s always been held in June, when we are in Australia. But a date change to August had us snapping up the early bird tickets and making plans to get to Amsterdam. And when the Future Sound Of Egypt 300 celebration free party was announced for the day before, I was sure that it would be a weekend to remember.

We got to Escape nightclub in central Amsterdam early, as we had been advised, and went straight to the second room to catch sets by Matt Bukovski and Ahmed Romel, bumping into friends and realising that despite the early hour, the place was absolutely buzzing and the trance was already at an uplifting 138+ bpm. The room was also very hot but the happy vibe generated by trance fans from around the globe meant that no-one seemed too fussed by this.

We heard rumours that Sied van Riel had started really well in the main room downstairs, so we decided to see for ourselves. I’ve never really been a huge fan of Sied’s music, although he seems a great guy and we’d had a big laugh with him backstage at the Subculture show in Sydney in February. (I didn’t write about this event, because we got there late, after Jeff and my birthday party, and spent most of the time backstage chatting to the DJs, rather than out on the dancefloor.) And what a fantastic set Sied played tonight – easily the tranciest and the best I’ve ever heard from him. Someone said that Sied wants to move more in this direction – if so, it’s a move to be welcomed with open arms!

Back upstairs to hear Simon O’Shine, and then Sneijder. I’ve been a big fan of Sneijder since seeing him on the Driftwood boat in Ibiza last year, supporting John O’Callaghan. We’d missed him in Sydney, because we were backstage at the Subculture event I just mentioned, but I was looking forward to hearing him, even though I knew the last 20 minutes of his set clashed with Fadi’s downstairs. Sure enough, he was great and it was a very difficult decision to leave early and perhaps, with hindsight, one we got wrong. But I knew that we’d be seeing him again the next evening at Luminosity.

I’d been hoping that Aly & Fila would play an uplifting remix of Laily, as Fadi had mentioned in Ibiza that he was intending to work on it in Cairo with a view to dropping it in Amsterdam. But I guess it wasn’t ready, or he wasn’t happy with it as it didn’t make the cut. I didn’t recognise most of the early tunes until he surprised me by dropping Oceanlab – Satellite after about half an hour.

He also played Aly & Fila – We Control The Sunlight, Arctic Moon – Starships Over Alice and Aly & Fila feat. Susana – Without You. The production inside Escape was amazing – really impressive lights and lasers and the stage set up like a pyramid gave a real sense of occasion to the event. The sound system was pretty good too. But although I did really enjoy it, I felt this was not one of the very best sets I’ve heard Fadi play – certainly nowhere near as good as his set at Home nightclub in Sydney last year, or the set on the Driftwood boat in Ibiza less than a fortnight earlier. Still, it was a wonderful 90 minutes of great music.

Fadi handed over to John O’Callaghan and although it took me a while to get into what he was playing, by the time he dropped his own remix of Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You and a mash-up including his own tune – Out Of Nowhere, I was really enjoying the set. And he finished with his classic tune feat. Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (I’m not sure which remix).

The night was drawing to a close now and the last DJ, RAM opened with a mash up of Dash Berlin – Man On The Run and his own tune – RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven remix). I really like the JvD mix of this tune, but wasn’t impressed with it being mashed up, so we decided to call it a night as we had a big two days ahead of us.

This was really an amazing party – especially as it was a free event. The crowd was really into their uplifting trance, the music in both rooms was fantastic and the sound and production was really impressive. Perhaps the only downer was the 50c charge to use the toilet. Holland must be the only place where you have to pay to go to the loo. I’m sure this is counterproductive on the part of the bars, as my reaction and I guess others’ too is to drink less, so that I need the loo less. How do they gain from that? But that shouldn’t detract from a really enjoyable night, seeing friends from around the world and dancing to the kind of music I like best.

After the great night at Amnesia on Thursday, Judgement Friday was a huge come down, partially saved only by a very good, if brief, set from John O’Callaghan. Before he played, we had to endure three horrible hours of commercial electro garbage from Faruk Sabanci, Danny Howard and Judge Jules.

It was a bad sign that when we arrived, we heard REM – Losing My Religion and I wondered if I’d walked into the wrong club. Next up was Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon and my heart sank. Apparently this was Faruk Sabanci playing, but it could have been any old DJ playing in a crap bar anywhere in the world.

Danny Howard was no better and had an obsession with using the microphone. It’s bad enough when there’s an MC, but DJs and microphones are a bad mix. Judge Jules was actually better than he was in Sydney in February, but that’s not saying much. He dropped a remix of Armin van Buuren – This Is What It Feels Like that was so slowed down it was almost in reverse.

Eventually John O’Callaghan came to the DJ console and things could only get better. Except the sound system, which seemed to suddenly be muddied in the bass and flat in the mid ranges. And in just an hour he packed in a number of classics new and old, of his own and others. We heard a mash up of John O’Callaghan – Stresstest and iiO – Rapture, Aly & Fila – Mysteries Unfold, Tiesto – Flight 643, Marco V – False Light, Adam Ellis – Napalm Poet, John O’Callaghan – Find Yourself, Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar and John O’Callaghan – Big Sky.

Overall, it was not a great night. One great hour, but it had too much to make up for. I’ll be steering clear of anything with the Judgement brand on it in future.

So, it’s just over a week since the end of Miami Music Week and, if the dust hasn’t exactly settled, it’s now time to reflect on our time there.  Firstly, and most importantly, I’d leap at the chance to go again.  The club nights, at large venues like Space, or intimate nightspots like Dream, were simply fantastic.  Rubbing shoulders with the DJs, meeting like-minded music fans from around the globe and some great (if not always well-organised) boat parties made for a week that couldn’t be equalled, even in Ibiza.

But I wouldn’t bother with Ultra Music Festival again.  And yet it was a very impressive festival, with incredible stage set-ups and the best sound systems that I’ve ever come across at music festivals.  Maybe I’m jaded by so many festivals or maybe the festival sets that the big name DJs deliver are not what I really want to hear – and I know that in a club they are much more in tune with my tastes. I think I’ve probably been to my last big festival. From now on, I’m going to stick to boutique festivals and club nights or small parties. (But don’t quote me!)

There were so many surreal experiences in just ten days … bumping into Markus Schulz on Washington Avenue and talking to him about the ten hour set he’d played the night before … chatting to Menno de Jong as we both waited for the toilet on the Musette boat … Renee being recognised by Giuseppe Ottaviani when we got into Club Souz for Pure Trance … getting John 00 Fleming to pose with the sign for Ayesha … the Sol Republic shuttle bus that was a nightclub inside … Paul van Dyk joining us on the dancefloor when Giuseppe dropped No More Alone … and that’s before saying how good the music was.  Award for most bizarre has to go to the Saturday bus trip and the spliff being passed round by the Sol Republic rep!

So many great sets, it’s hard to pick out my favourite.  The contenders would be Markus Schulz’s ten-hour marathon at Space (we lasted longest of the whole group, but even we had to admit defeat after seven hours); Aly & Fila – both of Fadi’s sets were incredible, I don’t think I could choose between the set at Dream or the set on the boat party; Giuseppe Ottaviani – again two great sets, one at Dream, the other at Club Souz; Solarstone – two hours of awesome Pure Trance just blew me away.  John O’Callaghan’s set on the boat would surely rate amongst these if it hadn’t been cut short after a sensational hour.  I’m going to pick Solarstone as my favourite set of the week, but it was a close thing (although if the sound at Club Souz had been better, I think he would have run away with it as best set).

And I really can’t choose between Global Connection (at Dream on Tuesday) and Pure Trance as my favourite nights of the whole trip.  I loved both nights so much … and feel very lucky to have been able to be there.

Biggest disappointment was missing out on seeing Faithless.  We really couldn’t face the rest of Day 2 at Ultra, just to see Faithless play towards the end of the night and we were worried about the logistics of seeing them and getting back in time to change and go out for Pure Trance.  We were also upset that we missed out on the Anjunabeats Pool Party, partly due to not arriving earlier and partly due to the accommodation nightmare that we had to resolve as an urgent priority.

Best of all was spending a week partying to such great music with so many good friends from around the world, old and new.  Now it’s time to start thinking about Ibiza in early August and Future Sound Of Egypt 300 and Luminosity Beach Festival in Amsterdam on 16/18 August.